Thursday, August 26

The Real McCoy

My goodness, is that ever a bad headline I just wrote. Can we get an editor around here? Oh right, that's me. How about a writing staff? Ah yes, that's me too.

Naturally, this is about Colt McCoy, the Browns QB draft pick about whom this gun-jumping article appeared on Yahoo! sports today.

Titled "Could the Browns cut Colt McCoy?," the piece semi-discusses that very possibility, adding that "Coaches are reportedly more impressed with veteran newcomers Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace."

Yeah, no kidding they are. That's why they're the top two quarterbacks. But unless I moved to some bizarro universe where NFL teams don't carry a third QB, there's still a roster spot open there for our third-round pick. It's more than a little strange that Chris Chase's article has nary a mention of Brett Ratliff, the man against whom McCoy is actually battling for a job this fall.

The PD has already published a story this afternoon confirming that McCoy will make the team, and: of course he will. The point wasn't to have him play this year - it was to have him learn behind Delhomme and Wallace and see if he develops into an NFL starter. Why on Earth we would keep Brett Ratliff instead of McCoy is beyond me - I'm at least a little surprised that Chase didn't point out the extent to which cutting McCoy would fail the Common Sense Test.

After all, second-round pick Montario Hardesty hasn't played a preseason down, and we're not talking about how he's on the bubble because the Browns like Jerome Harrison and Peyton Hillis. That having been said, I wouldn't mind seeing Mr. Montario carry the ball a few times before the Brownies line up three Sundays from now in Tampa Bay.

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