Tuesday, July 27

Alex Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs

What can I say? I like subtle titles for my posts.

I suppose I could spend this whole article railing against the yankees, how even the sight of their "fans" here in Cleveland makes me sick, and how a yankees "Sabathia" jersey shirt is not fundamentally different than a shirt that says "I'm a moron AND a jerk," but who has the energy anymore? Besides, we're up 4-0 in the 7th, Josh Tomlin is pitching the game of his life (literally - this is the only MLB game he's ever appeared in), and given the disparities in payroll and talent between the clubs, simply avoiding a sweep is something of a success. Go Tribe!

I would, however, like to make a few remarks on cheater Alex Rodriguez's quest for his 600th home run, or as Ken Tremendous twittered, his "444th non-performance-enhanced home run." The yankee third baseman was (is) sitting on 599 headed into his club's visit to the Forest City, and I actually heard a discussion on WTAM over whether baseball fans would want to see the historic blast here in Cleveland, or if they'd rather the Tribe staff kept A-Rod off the board in the interest of Tribedom.

I honestly don't see how this is even a topic for discussion. Show me an Indians fan who wants Rodriguez to get a home run this week, and I'll show you a person who isn't an Indians fan. If you support the Tribe, you want to see Rodriguez get out every single time he comes to the plate, without exception. I don't care if we're up 12-2 in the 9th or whatever - get him out, get everyone out. Fuck 600 home runs - I want to see A-Rod and the spanks go down, and go down hard. Ask Manny Acta or any of the Wahoos whether they'd be interested in watching A-Rod sail one out of Progressive Field and see what they say. Anything else goes against the competitive spirit of the game.

As I was typing this, he hit a ball to right-center that didn't quite reach the warning track. Baseball is, apparently, harder when you're playing by the same rules as everyone else - not that the yankees know anything about that. Go Tribe.

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