Friday, January 8

Quick Browns hits

- Nothing not to like so far about the way Mike Holmgren has conducted himself as Cleveland Browns President thus far.

- Kinda surprised to see Mangini stay, but I think a little continuity is good. If he keeps showing progress and the players buy into the system, AND if he can coexist as third banana behind Holmgren and the new GM, this just might work.

- Josh Cribbs really, really should settle down. It's the third day of Holmgren's tenure and you're already crying about your contract? Maybe wait until a General Manager is hired? Nope, he and his douchebag agent are going on and on about how insulted they were by the Browns offer (in their defense, $1.4 million was comically low) and how Cribbs is never going to play as a Brown again.

Shut up. You're going to get $3 million next year and play in Cleveland, so chill out on the rhetoric and posturing. It's embarrassing, and you're wasting a lot of the popular capital you've earned over the past few years.

Plus: you can't just not play and demand a trade. If you don't play here under your contract, you don't play anywhere and don't get paid at all. That's how contracts work. I doubt the royalties from Josh's Cribbs are going to pay the bills. We all know you deserve a new deal, but empty threats aren't helpful. Relax, dude.

- Finally, I've been seeing far less steeler crap around town the past few weeks, and I love it.

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