Saturday, November 7

NFL Picks: Week 9

The less said about last week, the better. I don't even have the heart to make a Browns vs the Bye Week joke.

Last week
Andy: 5-8
Figgs: 6-7
Nick: 6-7
Nick's Money Picks ($): 3-1

Year to date
Andy: 65-51
Figgs: 62-54
Nick: 59-57
Nick's Money Picks ($): 18-13
Nick's teaser: 2-3

Sunday games
1:00 pm kickoffs

FALCONS (-10) vs Redskins
Andy: As lousy as the 'Skins are and as solid as the ATL is at home, I'm surprised this isn't two touchdowns. If you get a chance, read Matt Taibbi's scathing piece on Washington owner Dan Snyder in Rolling Stone. Wow, that's aggressive. But seriously, after stripping head coach Jim Zorn of his playcalling duties, it's hard to take the Redskins seriously. Give me the Falcons.
Figgs: I see no reason not to stick with the ATL here.
Nick: Falcons. Love this one. The Skins don't have an offense capable of a late cover. ($)

BEARS (-3) vs Cardinals
Andy: I'm not sold on the Bears, as sloppy as they looked last week against the Browns and as furiously as they got pummeled by the Bengals. Nevertheless, I simply can't take the Cardinals on the road at 1 pm EST after they got smacked around at home by the Panthers. Chicago.
Figgs: Cards win by two touchdowns.
Nick: Cards. Thought about betting this one, but the Cards can be pretty two-faced.

BENGALS (+3) vs Ravens
Andy: The Bengals already got the Ravens in Baltimore in a game that I kept inadvertently watching during Browns/Bills because it looked like actual professional football teams playing. I hope Cincitucky does it again Sunday, and I'm backing them here with my selection. Nice little bonus that I get 3 points.
Figgs: I'm hoping for the Bungals, but I'm going with the ratbirds.
Nick: Ravens. Still don't have a 100% feel for either of these teams. The Ravens can run it up on bad teams, but what will they do against a good team like Cincy?

COLTS (-9) vs Texans
Andy: Yeah, the Colts have been terrific this year, despite a bit of a stumble against San Fiasco, racking up a 7-0 mark and an AFC-leading +106 differential. The Texans, though, have been playing pretty well and scoring serious points during their three-game win streak. Since they're currently 5-3, they'll lose to get back closer to .500, but they'll stay close. Houston.
Figgs: There's no way I can go against Peyton Manning right now.
Nick: I'm going Houston here because they usually play the Colts tough, plus they have an offense that's capable of providing a late cover.

PATRIOTS (-10.5) vs Dolphins
Andy: The Dolphins are frisky - give me all those points. They're one of those teams I feel like I haven't hit on all year, kinda like Arizona. I'm still taking Miami.
Figgs: Too many points, Fins.
Nick: I really like the Fish.

BUCS (+9.5) vs Packers
Andy: Green Bay, all day here. I'm excited about not having to give 10. The Packers are intriguing this year for basically the same reason they were last year: why don't these guys win more games? They're at +53 yet are only 4-3. I feel like this could be an elite team, but they just aren't winning enough games to qualify as such. Beating Tuberculosis by 17 points should make both stats look better.
Figgs: GB.
Nick: Packers. Can you imagine anyone deciding they were going to bet the 0-7 Bucs here? They're also the worst team in the league ATS, at 1-6. I had to give 10.5. ($)

JAGS (-6.5) vs Chieves
Andy: I feel like, by making a selection here, I'm somehow legitimizing this game. If I was a Congressman and this was a vote, I would abstain. Every second I keep writing this is time I could spend writing about better NFL games. I wish this spread was 7, but I'm still taking KC. If I find 7 on another site, I'm grabbing it.
Figgs: This is awful. I don't know, Jax.
Nick: Don't know what to expect from the Jags week to week, but I'll take them at home against a lousy KC team.

4:00 pm kickoffs

SAINTS (-13.5) vs Panthers
Andy: That cheap ATL cover from Monday night is really sticking with me, and I think it's sticking with Brees and the Saints as well. Sure, you're 7-0 with a NFL-leading +119 differential, but only 6-1 ATS? Come on. I hope Carolina enjoyed their day in the desert last weekend, because they're not going to have as much fun in the Superdome. Jake Delhomme against this opportunistic D? Nah. New Orleans.
Figgs: A lot of points, but I'm with Andy on this one. NO rolls.
Nick: I had a Saints explanation written up, but I'm going to do the unthinkable and change it to the Panthers. Carolina's won three of four, they ran the ball really well last week, and I think they can keep it within two touchdowns. Most of our picks are the same this week, which is boring. I'm going to roll the dice with the Panthers here. God help me.

SEAHAWKS (-10) vs Lions
Andy: You lose at home to the Rams, I pick against you the next week. Those are the rules, Detroit. The Seahawks aren't good, but at home they're this much better than the Lions.
Figgs: I was gonna go with Detroit, until I saw Andy's pick. I agree with those rules, Hawks.
Nick: I like what you guys said. Seahawks.

49ERS (-4) vs Titans
Andy: Tough pick for me here. I know it's not 2008, but I feel like throwing caution to the wind and getting back on the Titan Express. In fact, that's what I'm doing, in large part because VINCE YOUNG WINS FOOTBALL GAMES. Tennessee.
Figgs: I'm going with the Titans as well. They're much better than their 1-6 mark, and they prove that today.
Nick: Can't believe I'm doing this - Titans.

GIANTS (-4.5) vs Chargers
Andy: New Jersey NFC got kinda mediocre kinda fast, didn't they? I mean, that really got out of hand! I'm still annoyed by San Diago's pathetic non-cover against Oakland last week; then again, I picked the Giants and they got slammed by Philly, so no one's on my good side here. I'll be consistent and stick with the Giants.
Figgs: The Giants bounce back at home.
Nick: I feel like I should have jumped ship on the Giants last week, but I'll stick with them against the perennially overrated Chargers.

8:20 pm kickoff

EAGLES (-3) vs Cowboys
Andy: This looks like a heck of a matchup, maybe the best on the week's slate now that the Browns aren't playing. That was a joke. Philly.
Figgs: I don't know about Westbrook's status, but I don't think he's playing. I'm not too worried about it though, Shady can handle the load and Philly covers.
Nick: Eagles.

Monday Night Game
8:30 pm kickoff

BRONCOS (+3) vs Steelers
Andy: Ugh, Pittsburgh. The Bronco thing was fun, but the Steelers are too tough for them, I'm afraid. Hopefully I'm wrong.
Figgs: I HATE picking Pittsburgh, but I'm still down three games and have to be smart about this, but it really does suck.
Nick: Steelers. No comment. I got them at zero. ($)

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