Saturday, October 10

NFL Picks: Week 5

Last week
Andy: 8-6
Figgs: 8-6
Nick: 9-5
Nick's Money Games ($): 3-2
Nick's Teaser: 0-1

Year to date
Andy: 35-27
Figgs: 34-28
Nick: 35-27
Nick's Money Games ($): 7-4
Nick's Teaser: 2-2

Nick from last week: Betting should be a heartless endeavor. I play to win, Francis.
Were you playing to win last season?

Sunday games
1:00 pm kickoffs

BUFFALOES (-6) vs Browns
Andy: I don't care what the line is, I'm taking the Browns every game this year. I can't separate my pick from my fandom during the game, hard as I try. (2 days later) Six is even more than I expected. Good...good.
Figgs: Browns.
Nick: I'll roll the dice on the Browns here. I actually might throw a few bucks on them to win outright.

RAVENS (-9) vs Bengals
Andy: Nick is correct that we don't see this Bengal club the same way. I think the Ravens are a strong team, but Cincy is a fluke play away from 4-0 and I'm not willing to give them 9 points here.
Figgs: Cincy.
Nick: Gimme the Ratbirds. Andy and I see this game very differently. I don't think the Bengals are for real.

GIANTS (-16) vs Raiders
Andy: I think this would have to be over 20 for me to take Oakland, even with Manning out.
Figgs: Giants.
Nick: Giants. How can I pick the Raiders here?

CHIEVES (+9) vs Cowboys
Andy: I'm sticking with my theories that the 'Boys are overrated and that their lines are set too high, and taking the Chieves. Hey, I've already taken the Lions once this season - I like to live dangerously.
Figgs: Cowboys.
Nick: Cowboys. The Chiefs won't win this game, and I think Dallas can beat them by double digits.

PANTHERS (-3.5) vs Redskins
Andy: This game would have looked a lot more interesting in the pre-season. Unlike Nick, I wouldn't bet this one with a 10-foot pole. Panthers, I suppose.
Figgs: Panthers.
Nick: Panthers. I'd bet this one, but can you really put money behind Jake Delhomme?

RAMS (+9.5) vs Vikings
Andy: Vikes. I'd bet my house on that line Nick got, and I still love it less than 10. A 4-0 dome team against the worst team in the league and I don't even give double-digits? Wow.
Figgs: Vikings.
Nick: Vikings. I bet this game last week as a prospective line at -7.5. Freaking layup. ($)

EAGLES (-14.5) vs Bucs
Andy: I guessed this one at -9, so this is too many points for me. As reluctant as I am to take Tuberculosis, I'm doing so.
Figgs: Bucs.
Nick: Bucs. More than two touchdowns? I think the Bucs might have enough life to beat the spread here.

LIONS (+10.5) vs Steelers
Andy: Steelers. I thought this would be -13. This isn't quite the gift that Minnesota-St Louis is, but it looks pretty safe.
Figgs: Steelers.
Nick: Unfortunately, Pittsburgh. My second favorite game of the week. ($)

4:00 pm kickoffs

49ERS (-2.5) vs Falcons
Andy: I would always take the home team in a matchup of these clubs. Hence, I choose San Fiasco, particularly since I thought I'd have to give more than a FG.
Figgs: Falcons.
Nick: I wouldn't be surprised to see Atlanta win here, but they haven't beaten anyone good yet. Niners.

CARDS (-5.5) vs Texans
Andy: Ugly, ugly line. Houston is the most mediocre franchise there is; I joked last year that their mission statement is "8-8." They're 2-2 now with a microscopic +2 point differential. From now on, I'm picking them to lose when they're over .500 and win when they're below. That doesn't help this week, but Nick's logic is sound here, so I'll take the Cards.
Figgs: Texans.
Nick: Cards. Zona's good at home, Houston blows on the road. Book it.

BRONCOS (+3) vs Pats
Andy: One of the best games on the slate here. I'll take that field goal and rock the Broncos, who have the AFC's best point differential (+53). The Saints lead the NFL at +78, and they haven't even gotten a chance to hang 56 points on the Brownies.
Figgs: Pats.
Nick: I bet the Patriots, largely to have an interest in the later games (rookie mistake) and instantly regretted it. I like the pick, just shouldn't have bet on it. ($)

SEAHAWKS (+3) vs Jags
Andy: 'Hawks. Last week, I felt stupid for picking them the second that Indy game started. This week, they're at home and I don't buy what Jacksonville's selling.
Figgs: Jags.
Nick: Jags, though I'm not sure about Hasselbeck's status.

8:20 pm kickoffs

TITANS (+3.5) vs Colts
Andy: These teams have killed me this year, for opposite reasons. I waffled here; the die was cast by Bill Simmons' comment that it's "time to stop giving [the Titans] the benefit of the doubt." Indeed.
Figgs: Colts.
Nick: Colts. I'm jumping off the Titans bandwagon. If I get burned, it's going to be by picking against them. Also, I keep expecting the Colts to take a precipitous dive, and it never seems to happen. I don't know if I've ever seen Peyton Manning playing this well. ($)

Monday Night Game
8:30 pm kickoff

DOLPHINS (+1) vs Jets
Andy: The Jets learned their lessons in the Superdome last week. Look for them to roll over the Dolphins in a bounce-back. Plus, I love Figgs' policy of not taking the Fish as long as Henne is their QB, especially considering that Jake Long is his left tackle.
Figgs: Jets.
Nick: Jets. I was really surprised you don't have to give more than a point to pick New York. I put some coin on this one late. I'm clearly getting cocky, but I'm curious to see if I can keep my Monday night streak going, and I also don't like ending the week at .500 betting. Let's win or lose. ($)

Nick's Teaser: Ravens (-2.5) and Cowboys (-3)

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