Saturday, September 19

NFL Picks: Week 2

Am I happy about the cheap covers handed to Tennessee (Ward's fumble) and Washington (meaningless late TD) that cost me a successful week? Nope. I think I went all year without a losing week, or maybe once, and now I'm off to a 7-9 start. But there are lots of games yet to be predicted.

Last week/year to date
Andy: 7-9
Figgs: 8-8
Nick: 10-6
Nick's Money Games: 0-2
Nick's Teaser: 1-0

Sunday games

BRONCOS (-3) vs Browns
Andy: I know the point of this game isn't to pick the Browns every week, and I know I could pick their opponent in a situation where I really didn't think the Browns were going to win or cover. Nevertheless, Browns.
Figgs: I wanted to pick against the Browns each week, but this spread is just begging for me to take Cleveland. This will be one of our three wins.
Nick: Browns. We win this game outright.

FALCONS (-6.5) vs Panthers
Andy: I think I'll keep riding the Falcon express here. Bill Simmons made this case that the Panthers are going to win because...I don't know, because Jake Delhomme had two really bad games in a row. Weird argument. ATL.
Figgs: I kind of like the Panthers here, but I can't go against the ATL. I'm with ya Andy.
Nick: Panthers. This is alot of points for a team that was really good last year and runs the ball alot. I'd pick the Falcons if I had a few more points.

LIONS (+9.5) vs Vikings
Andy: If the Vikings can beat the Browns by 14 (in a game that could easily have been more of a blowout), surely they can dispatch the Lions by that amount.
Figgs: Vikes.
Nick: Ready for this? Lions. Detroit played them close in both games last season.

PACKERS (-9.5) vs Bengals
Andy: The Bengals' performance last week give me no reason to trust in them. Nevertheless, Bengals.
Figgs: Pack.
Nick: Eh, really don't like this game. Gimme the Pack, just because I have no faith in the Bengals' pass protection.

TITANS (-6.5) vs Texans
Andy: Texans. I don't know if they will win, though it's possible, but I think they'll keep this one close.
Figgs: Texans. They might win this, J-Figg upset special of the week.
Nick: Titans. Houston's just not a good road team, although it wouldn't shock me if they beat the spread.

CHIEVES (-3) vs Raiders
Andy: I'd say that only Browns-Broncos features this level of ineptitude this week, and this one might still come out on top. KC, I suppose. I feel sorry for people who have to watch this contest. Instead of blacking out games that don't sell out locally (a ridiculous policy), the NFL should look into blacking out games like this with no redeeming social value.
Figgs: I agree with Andy on everything he said, except for the pick. Raiders.
Nick: Raiders. Oakland outplayed San Diego on Monday night.

JETS (+4) vs Pats
Andy: Jets. I thought they came out strong last week and they're highly motivated to knock off their rivals here. Even if they don't, I see it being close.
Figgs: Pats by multiple touchdowns.
Nick: Jets. Wouldn't surprise me if the Jets win outright.

EAGLES (-1) vs Saints
Andy: I'm on the Saints bandwagon, that's all there is to it. OK, there's also Donovan McNabb's injury to it.
Figgs: If Garcia started it'd be close. With Kobb? Saints.
Nick: Saints. Changed this one Sunday morning because Kolb is starting.

REDSKINS (-10) vs Rams
Andy: Week 8. That's when the Rams and Lions play to see which one will pick up the W among the 32 games the two teams play this year. Oh, you want to know about this game? Well, I'm certainly not taking the Rams until I see some legitimate reason to.
Figgs: Skins.
Nick: I'll give the 10, even though the Skins are hardly an offensive juggernaut.

JAGS (-3) vs Cards
Andy: Jags. I had a brief fling with the Cards, and now they're back to their rightful place as that team who can't win on the road. It was fun, though, Arizona.
Figgs: Cards win.
Nick: Jags. I've been very forthright with my feelings that the Cards will fall back to earth.

BUFFALOES (-4.5) vs Bucs
Andy: No way would I bet this one in real life. But, since Buffalo is home and played a strong game against a good team on the road last week, whereas Tampa Bay is visiting and got mauled by Dallas at home, I'm taking the Buffaloes.
Figgs: Ballsy call Burns in the suicide, but I'm also taking the Bills.
Nick: Buffalo. Considered taking the Bills in a teaser here, and I'm trying to make a sneaky pick this week with the Bills in my suicide pool.

49ERS (-1) vs Seahawks
Andy: Can San Francisco win this division? Quite possibly. I think they're going to start the year 2-0 in the NFC West. A better question: can a 6-win team win the NFC West?
Figgs: This division blows. I guess Seattle.
Nick: Tough one. I'll go Niners because they're a pretty good home team and Seattle is worse on the road. They're also worse when they don't play the Rams.

BEARS (+3) vs Steelers
Andy: Jay Cutler throws 4 INTs against Green Bay and I'm supposed to back him against Pittsburgh? No thanks. As much as my dislike for the Steelers is swelling, I don't envision them dropping this one.
Figgs: I didn't want to take shitsburgh all year, but the reason in me has to here.
Nick: I had a paragraph written up talking myself into the Bears and deleted it. Steelers, although I'll gladly sacrifice a loss here if it costs the Steelers a game.

CHARGERS (-3) vs Ravens
Andy: I'm simply frightened by this Raven team. What will we be getting from them next week? 13? I think they establish themselves as a top AFC contender with a W here, as I establish myself as someone who just threw up in his mouth.
Figgs: San Diego, super Chargers.
Nick: Love the Ravens getting three here. Like Andy said, they look pretty tough.

COWBOYS (-3) vs Giants
Andy: What's the over/under on punts hitting the scoreboard? This is a tough one to pick - does Dallas' new ballpark give them an edge here? Nah, I'll take the points.
Figgs: I'm with Nick, Giants for sure.
Nick: Giants. If I were setting the lines, I would flip it over to Giants -3.

Monday Game

DOLPHINS (+3) vs Colts
Andy: Colts, for sure. Miami seems like a team without a plan, and I'm a person who knows teams without plans.
Figgs: Colts.
Nick: I'm all about second-guessing myself this week, and I'm going to do it one more time and take the Fish here. Home teams usually come to play on Monday night, and it seems like the public money is coming in overwhelmingly on the Colts.

Nick's Teaser: Titans (-0.5) and Giants (+9)


Figgs said...

Apparently I'm no better at picking while intoxicated. Lesson learned.

Nick said...

Big comeback week for Francis. I need the Dolphins tonight to maintain a slim lead.

Andy said...

Making panicky last-minute changes just to stay ahead of me in Week 2? Gotta trust your stuff, stay on target, and various other cliches.

Figgs, you got 9 right, that's pretty good. Remember how well your Costanza week went last season?