Sunday, September 13

NFL Picks: Week 1

We're back!

2008 Regular Season
Andy: 136-111-8
Figgs: 109-125-8
Nick: 125-122-8

(Nick: That won't happen again, I assure you.)

2008 Playoffs
Andy: 6-5
Figgs: 4-7
Nick: 6-5

Thursday game

STEELERS (-6) vs Titans
Andy: Home game, defending champs, NFL opener, night game. I can't see the Titans covering this. I can't wait to pick against Pittsburgh (-10) in week 6, but not today.
Figgs: Titans. There's no way I can pick Pittsburgh this early in the year.
Nick: Titans. This is too many points for a team that put the smackdown on the Steelers late last season. That said, I threw $20 on it and immediately regretted it. The Steelers will find a way to hose me.

Sunday games

FALCONS (-4) vs Dolphins
Andy: Figgs and I cashed in by riding the ATL all of last season, and I think I'll keep doing so here.
Figgs: ATL
Nick: Falcons. The Dolphins are bitches.

PANTHERS (+1) vs Eagles
Andy: The Eagles seem too trendy in this game, so I'm taking the Cats.
Figgs: Eagles
Nick: Eagles. Jake Delhomme is a total nancy.

BROWNS (+4) vs Vikings
Figgs: Browns
Nick: Browns. "In any fight, it's the guy who's willing to die, who's gonna win that inch!"

COLTS (-7) vs Jags
Andy: The most predictable line of the week, and in fact exactly what I think will happen. Jax was so lame towards the end last year that I can't take them here.
Figgs: Colts
Nick: Jags. Gimme points, these game are always close.

BUCS (-5.5) vs Cowboys
Andy: I can't tell you one single thing about the Buccaneers team this year. 'Boys.
Figgs: Cowboys
Nick: Cowboys, mostly because Letwich throws from the full windup.

RAVENS (-13) vs Chieves
Andy: Baltimore's defensive score will help them cover this.
Figgs: Ravens
Nick: Ratbirds. I hate myself.

BENGALS (-4.5) vs Broncos
Andy: I have a weird vibe that the Bungles will be competitive this year with a revitalized Palmer/Ochocinco hookup.
Figgs: Broncos
Nick: Natti. The Donks blow.

TEXANS (-4.5) vs Jets
Andy: I'm waffling on this uninspiring matchup between two teams looking right down the barrel of 8-8. Jets, I guess.
Figgs: Texans
Nick: Texans. I'm owning Andy this year.

SAINTS (-13) vs Lions
Andy: I'd give 30 here if I had to.
Figgs: Saints
Nick: Saints. That is all.

CARDINALS (-6) vs 49ers
Andy: My off-season rust showed in my line prediction here, as I guessed the NFC champs would be favored by 13. I guess I have to take them, huh?
Figgs: Cards
Nick: Cards. I'll crush Andy in this just like triathlons. Editor's note: By that, you mean, you'll wear a funnier outfit while making your picks?

SEAHAWKS (-9) vs Rams
Andy: The Rams will get better as the season progresses, but they're not ready for this early trip to Qwest.
Figgs: Rams
Nick: Shehawks. The Rams are one of the worst teams in football.

GIANTS (-6.5) vs Redskins
Andy: This could be a good game. I like New Jersey NFC by 7.
Figgs: Redskins
Nick: Redskins. Too many points.

PACKERS (-3.5) vs Bears
Andy: I'm sold on the Pack this year.
Figgs: Bears
Nick: GO! PACK! GO!

Monday Games

PATS (-10.5) vs Bills
Andy: Belichick usually loves winning games by 3 points, but he seems to relish kicking around the Buffaloes, so I'll give these points.
Figgs: Patriots
Nick: Too easy. Pats. ($)

RAIDERS (-9) vs Chargers
Andy: LA head coach Tom Cable's career head coaching experience: University of Idaho, 2000-2003. That's it. He's punched out more assistants than he has coached NFL games. I'll be taking the Chargers.
Figgs: Chargers
Nick: Bolts. Over and over again. ($)

Nick's Teaser: 2-teamer with the Ravens (-6.5) and Seahawks (-2.5).

(Note: Every week, I'm going to pick a 2-or-3-team teaser, just for fun. Two-team teasers are 6-pointers, three-team teasers are 10-pointers.)


Figgs said...

Ooh, look who's in last place.

Andy said...

Even when he screws up, Hines Ward ruins my night.