Saturday, September 5

Dog Sled Racing is AWESOME!

A while back, I wrote a post about a fairly ridiculous list published by ESPN's Rick Reilly of what he considered to be The 10 Best Sporting Events to See Live. Basically, I went through each of his choices and pointed out how odd they were and how weird his supporting arguments were. One of his selections was the Iditarod, Alaska's famous dog sled race. Here's what my original article says (Reilly's text is in bold, my response is in normal font):

[Begin quote]
9. Iditarod -- Whenever somebody tells me the Iditarod is cruel to dogs, I answer, "I agree, the dogs left at home." You should hear them howl when they're not picked for the team. This is the hardest event to watch. I once had to bribe an ex-Vietnam pilot to fly me to a rest stop in the middle of nowhere, where we landed in a half-plowed field and were picked up by an Inuit on a snowmobile pulling a sled. Try to be in Nome at the end. One bar almost always has a ladies' arm wrestling contest. Trust me, you'd lose.
This doesn't make any sense the second time through, either.
[End quote]

Reilly is saying this is a somehow a good event to attend, and I'm saying that his paragraph is nearly incoherent. Seems straightforward, no?

So I was surprised today to find a long rambling anti-dog-sled comment posted to my column. Click the link to see it - it's at the bottom of the list.

Did you read it? That's OK if you didn't - Margery Glickman, Director of the Sled Dog Action Coalition, didn't read my article before spamming me with her stupid comment either. I never said anything even vaguely pro-dog-sledding - I don't even like dogs and I still think racing animals is really awful - yet Glickman thought it appropriate to leave her unnecessarily gross manifesto as a comment. Maybe she didn't catch the part where the bolded text wasn't my writing? More likely is that she was just trolling around looking for anything people had written about dog sledding just to be able to tactlessly push her viewpoint on people. It's hard work being that overly strident; sometimes you just don't have the time to actually read or think about what you're doing.

If you click on the link of the user who left the comment ("Sled Dog Action Coalition"), it takes you to a "blog" authored by the group that contains only a single two-line post linking to their homepage. Look, Margie, that's not a blog. It's not anything. It's clutter.

So, Margery Glickman, illustrious high commander of the SDCA, if you're still perusing the blogosphere for any mention of dog-sledding and come across this article and actually read it this time: keep your propaganda to yourself. Otherwise, you will be hearing from my lawyer. I'm kidding, I don't have a lawyer. Why would I have a lawyer?

As a note to other FCF readers, I titled this article as I did in part to bait the SDAC into reading my criticism of them, and also as a test to see if they actually read anything. If I get the same form letter as a comment again, I think we can conclude that they don't actually read anything. And now we wait.

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