Saturday, August 1

Tribe fever!

I received two texts following the Indians' 13-inning win against the Tigers last night, both of which came in well after I'd gone to bed following a blown save by Kerry Wood and fizzled 9th-inning Tribe effort to reclaim the lead.

The first, from sometime FCF contributor Doug:
"Fuck the [sic] so pissed they won tonight"

The second, from Free Republic of East 12th Street denizen Mister X:
"Had 'em all the way. Big fat fucking deal."

Such enthusiasm! These next two years are going to be splendid - good seats still available! I've rooted for bad Indians teams before, and I'll get through this too, even though it won't be great. I'm trying to be a little more optimistic than my cohorts; fun victories are going to be scarce, so I'm going to make an effort to enjoy them as much as I can when they happen.

In other news, I fucking HATE the Boston Red Socks. I really, really didn't think I could hate them anymore, and then in the span of 24 hours I found out that their two best hitters cheated to win their championship(s) and that they stole the Tribe's best and most popular player. Fuck you, Boston Red Socks.

[Yes, I know Indians players probably are on the infamous 2003 list, but we don't have any championships to be tainted. There's at least some benefit to a 45-year title drought. Sports are awesome.]

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