Monday, June 29

Something has got to give

The title of this post is a little misleading. Either the Indians have to start playing real baseball, or I have to reach a new low on more interesting things to do before regular Tribe-related posts return. So, welcome to the sports wasteland known as July. Don't worry - football in NCAA and NFL form are right around the corner. Until then, here are some random thoughts on the Indians.

Masa Kobayshi continues to collect his $3 million this year in AAA, where I hear he sucks. I forget the source, so this is an unoriginal thought, but I hope the scout in charge of this signing is seriously reevaluating his methods.

The trade of Mark DeRosa to the Cardinals for a reliever and PTBNL isn't too hot when compared to what we gave up to the Cubs. Of course I can say that since everything blew up this year. Had the 2009 Indians competed, no one would care.

If the Indians trade Cliff Lee, they'd better get a lot in return, which I just don't see happening. We will be paying Lee all of $9 million next year. Can you imagine a rotation next year anchored by anyone but Lee? Well if you can imagine that I'm sure that picture wasn't too pretty, was it?

Luis Valbuena still can't hit.

Ryan Garko is a guy I like. Garko is the kind of regular player ever team needs. However on a team with so many people underachieving his lack of ability becomes more obvious. Or maybe I'm just nit-picking.

My biggest disappointment this season? Carmona. Second biggest? Maybe Joe Smith.

During spring training the Indians said they weren't going to try to resign Cliff Lee because of the economic turndown. Either the Indians were convinced that Barack Obama was heading this country towards fiancial armageddon, or just maybe they said "You know what? This team isn't very good. If we sign Lee to a big contract and we tank and people stop wanting to see this team lose in person his contract could weigh us down," or maybe they were worried he would regress a lot. Eitherw ay I think not signing him was probably the best move.

Next season is going to be interesting, kind of like how this season is interesting.

Go Tribe!

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

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