Thursday, June 18

Oh No!

Well, that sucked. I didn't pay my usual obsessive amount of attention to the Indians for three series and they go ahead and win all three. I'm excited and back on board for some Interleague play, and the Tribe go a lay a goose egg on a home series.

Game one might be the straw that finally broke the back of the 2009 season of these, your Cleveland Indians. What else can you say about a game in which the Indians scored 12 runs and couldn't get the win? Obviously you put these games at the feet of the usual suspect circa 2008 and 2009: the bullpen. Allowing the Brewers to score six runs in the top of the eighth is pretty much the game summary. You can't give up six runs in the eighth and expect to compete. Matt Herges and Rafael Perez were each tagged for two runs and recorded no outs, so how about we blame them instead of spreading it around a little more? Offensively the Indians obviously were on fire but this game set a tone for this series and it wasn't a good one. Tribe (29-37) lose 14-12.

I'm going to categorize Tuesday's game as a hangover from the realization that this team had after Monday's 26-run affair. The good news? We only allowed three Milwaukee runs in the top of the eighth. Who we blaming this time? Jensen Lewis for giving up four in 2.2 innings of work. Asking Stomp Lewis to go out there for a third inning is pretty much Russian roulette and the Indians pulled the trigger and probably didn't like what they got. The offense was still in it, scoring five runs, including two in the bottom of the ninth. I feel bad for glossing over what would normally be offense-heavy summaries but I don't have a lot of space here so I just to stick to blaming people in our bullpen. Tribe (29-38) lose 7-5.

Thursday's series finally is a tragedy the likes of which only this team knows how to put together. After the first three innings the Tribe is down 3-0. After the fourth tied 3-3. Bottom of the ninth? Down 8-4, then they score four in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game and send it into extra innings. However this is our bullpen so we end up losing. Who do we blame tonight? Everyone except Kerry Wood, who hopefully is one to find happiness in finacial security since he's probably not getting it at work. Tribe (29-39) lose 9-8.

When was the last time we beat the Brewers?

Are David Huff and Jeremy Sowers the exact same pitcher? And if so, is pitching them back-to-back a good idea?

Who would believe we would average over eight runs a game and still get swept, at home?

I hear Pavano's shoulder is a little sore, which may be the cause of his last couple of outings being less than quality. Obviously the number of innings he's pitched over the last four years isn't too high, so this is why we have all those qualifiers in his contract. As of right now the Indians have decided to skip his next start. Hopefully he's OK because we are thinner than thin on pitching until Laffey is OK to go again.

Series like these are an ugly reminder that your team sucks. Wedge has obviously been feeling the pressure, which is to be expected. I suspect this is the most his job has ever been in doubt.

Off to Chicago and a series at Wrigley.

Game 1: Cliff Lee, LHP (4-6, 2.88) vs. Rich Harden, RHP (4-3, 4.53)
Game 2: Tomo Ohka, RHP (0-1, 4.24) vs. Ted Lilly, LHP (7-4, 2.94)
Game 3: Jeremy Sowers, LHP (1-4, 5.14) vs. Randy Wells, RHP (0-3, 2.55)

Hooray, only three games over a five day span!

Go Tribe!

(AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

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