Wednesday, May 13

Tribe win second series of the year. Yeah it took this long.

I'm not going to tease you with facts like how we're only six games out of first in the AL Central. I'm not going to point out that Cliff Lee has been Cy Young-like his last few starts. I'm not going to even allude to the fact that Victor Martinez, Carl Pavano, and Asdrubal Cabrera are having their best seasons in a few years. This team is less than perfect but its my team and so let's just enjoy this series win over those horrible players who call Swirling Garbage Field home.

Monday's series opener saw Carl Pavano face off against Gavin Floyd. Pavano went out and pitched like he truly is the best pitcher in the majors with a 6.46 ERA. Floyd was in trouble early and often but stuck around for five innings of work, giving up eight runs. With offense like that, Pavano couldn't help but improve his record to three wins and three losses. Of course Pavano didn't actually pitch too badly, going 6.1 and scattering ten hits for four runs. Offensively it was a Indians hit parade, as Cleveland collected 13 hits and plated nine runs. Jhonny Peralta had a three-hit game with Mark DeRosa, Shin-Soo Choo, and Cabrera chipping in two hits each. Going six for 13 with runners in scoring position didn't hurt either. The big question here was: why use Laffey again in such a lower-pressure situation? I thought we moved him to the bullpen to win games, which is what the Tribe (12-21) did today by a score of 4-9.

Speaking of Laffey, his replacement "pitched" the second game of this three-game series at Progressive Field. Oh Jeremy Sowers, you are not long for this club. Sowers' line of five runs in four innings is tough to swallow. It did raise his ERA to 12.00, in case you were curious. Had Sowers pitched like an actual major league pitcher I thought we could have won this game - unfortunately, that did not occur Tuesday night. Offensively the Tribe mustered four runs on eight hits. Only Asdrubal had more than one hit, with two. Sizemore got caught stealing for the sixth time this season. And to top it off Tony Sipp, who looked so good when called up, gave up a run in 0.1 innings of work and now has the same ERA as Jensen Lewis. Tribe (12-22) lose 7-4.

There are only two things you need to know about today's game: 1) Cliff Lee pitched and 2) we scored more than one run. That can only mean one thing. Yes, the Indians won their second series of the season, but you already knew that. Lee went seven, blanking the White Sox on one hit through five before pitching out of bases loaded situations in the sixth and seventh. Ryan Garko, who needs to get more at bats, and Victor Martinez both homered. Heck Martinez had three hits. Jamey Carroll's return to the Indians saw him start at third and go zero for three at the plate, while Kelly Shoppach is somehow unable to hit ball with bat anymore. Tribe win (13-22) win 0-4.

A lot of ink and blog space this week was devoted to criticizing Wedge's continued loyalty to players like Dellucci, Ben Francisco, and whoever is blocking Luis Valbuena. Wedge's loyalties have been a discussion point since we all realized he only trusted certain pitchers in the bullpen back in ought five. However, one aspect I don't think anyone ran up the flag pole is Wedge's experience as a major league player and how that factors into these decisions. I wonder if Wedge felt and maybe still feels we was never given a fair shake at establishing himself. So in compensation he's slow to pull the trigger on a more experienced player for a hot new prospect that was forced on him.

I get a treat this weekend. A four game series (meaning I don't have to do a write up again soon) and after that four game series a day off.

Game 1: Fausto Carmona, RHP (1-4, 5.57) vs. James Shields, RHP (3-3, 4.02)
Game 2: Anthony Reyes, RHP (1-1, 7.20) vs. Scott Kazmir, LHP (4-3, 5.92)
Game 3: Carl Pavano, RHP (3-3, 6.45) vs. Matt Garza, RHP (3-2, 3.56)
Game 4: Jeremy Sowers, LHP (0-2, 12.00) vs. Andy Sonnanstine, RHP (1-4, 7.27)

Wow those starters of ours sure look poor lined up like that. Cliff Lee is tied with the league lead for losses at five by the way so he doesn't look too good unless you knew better. Anyway I'm beyond trying to predict Carmona's performance. Reyes is officially on my watch list, when does Scott Lewis or Westbrook get back? Pavano should be considered for an extension right now. I kid, I kid (kind of). If Sowers lays another egg I'm all for calling anyone from Columbus.

Go Tribe!

Chuck Crow / The Plain Dealer

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