Thursday, May 28

Things I hate about the Orlando Magic

There are a lot, believe me:

- The way every single player and coach on the team has an annoying smirk of disbelief every single time any call, no matter how obvious, goes against them.

- Rashard Lewis' ridiculous chin beard.

- Rafer Alston...well, Rafer Alston.

- Mickael "Michael" Pietrus' smug post-three-pointer trot to the defensive end, made even more annoying by the fact that he's shooting like 89% on threes.

- Fans calling Dwight Howard "Superman." Really, that's all the better you have? You know that name's been taken for some time, right? Even for Florida sports fans, this is shockingly unoriginal.

- Stan Van Jeremy, the leader of the smirk brigade, calling out the refs for giving LeBron calls, even though his team does nothing but shoot threes and still ends up at the line more than us.

- Hedo Turkoglu pushing off the defender every single time he makes a move and never being called for it.

- Dwight Howard's almost complete lack of knowledge of the rules of basketball. Here are four I believe that he has not been made aware of:
1) Goaltending
2) Defensive three seconds
3) Moving screens (in Howard's defense, the refs never call him on this, so how could he know?)
4) The fact that elbowing someone in the head is a technical foul. BTW, I like the NBA rescinding his tech - they realized he was getting too close to a 1-game suspension and didn't want to risk him missing a critical game.

I wonder if maybe the coaching staff has kept him in the dark on these nuances of the game so as to keep him aggressive and not burden him too much with worrying about complying with so many regulations.

Go Cavs - beat these idiots.

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