Sunday, May 10

A new arm for the Tribe at AAA

Now that's one good-looking hurler! How many pitchers do you know with a third hand that can hold a beer while on the mound? Expect this fellow to be in The Show before long.

As you can see, I paid my first visit to Huntington Park, the new home of Cleveland's triple-A affiliate, the Columbus Clippers. I was a bit underwhelmed by the park, and not because it was a rainy evening and the Clips endured a 2-hit shutout at the hands of the Pawtucket Red Socks and I had to see even more annoying Red Sock fans enjoying themselves. It's just not that great of a park compared to, say, Akron's Canal Park. Fortunately, our seats put us well within shouting distance of red sock left fielder Jeff Corsaletti, who's currently sitting on a .344 OPS and had a really rough game. Corsaletti's struggles (along with the plentiful Karate Kid jokes flying every time a player named Danielson came to the plate) pretty much salvaged what was otherwise an ugly, lifeless 4-0 loss. Thanks, Jeff and Daniel-Son!

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