Sunday, May 17

Game 7

Just saw some C's-Magic pre-game facts:

Boston is 20-5 all-time in game 7's
Boston is 17-3 all-time in home game 7's
Boston is 32-0 all-time when leading a series 2-0

My question is: so what? Who cares what the Bird and Russell teams did decades ago? How does that have any relevance to the game today? (Admittedly, the third one is impressive, but still irrelevant). It is worthwhile to note that the Celtics have gone 3-0 in Game 7's over the past two postseasons, since it's mostly the same dudes and all, but this ancient history is silly. It almost makes Magic Johnson's nonsense ("it's not about 3-point shooting for the Magic") seem meaningful. Almost.

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