Monday, May 4

Better Late Than Never

No, that post title has nothing to do with the Tribe finally turning around on this season. Rather, I was traveling for the beginning and end of the weekend series, so FCF's regular Indians writer was spelled by the ever-capable editor Andy. However, even this series wrap-up is a day late, so I'll make this quick and painless, something the Indians should look into over these next two two-game series.

The good news? You don't have to go to Columbus to see Matt LaPorta or Luis Valbuena anymore. The bad news? The Tribe is grasping for straws. Obviously everyone wanted the Indians to contend early and allow our young prospects time to mature in AAA. Actually, I would have been happy with the first part, but the Indians saw that this season might be a wash and Ben Francisco and Tony Graffanino weren't cutting it. So the young guys get called up and we're left watching a team drop two of three to the Tigers.

The first game was a win, barely. Carl Pavano went the first seven scoreless but he, Perez (two runs no outs), and Jensen Lewis gave up five in the eight. Luckily the Tribe had scored six up to that point.

The second game was a heartbreaking loss thanks to Betancourt, who gets the coveted blown save/loss.

Third game? Cliff Lee pitched well, giving up three runs over seven. Too bad the Tribe struck out 12 times and mustered just a single run.

The new kids are without a hit and the bullpen is our biggest worry, though not much else is going the Tribe's way either.

The Tribe now opens a quick two-game set in Toronto before finishing the road trip with two in Boston.

Game 1: Fausto Carmona, RHP (1-3, 6.28) vs. Brian Tallet, LHP (1-1, 6.45)
Game 2: Anthony Reyes, RHP (1-0, 7.58) vs. Brett Cecil, LHP (0-0, -.--)

Go Tribe!
(AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

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