Sunday, April 12

Thanks for coming out, Boston

After Sunday, I don't think there's any question left who the Beasts of the East are: it's your Cleveland Cavaliers. Orlando is still a contender, but the 107-76 thrashing the Cavs handed the C's on Sunday showed pretty clearly that, unless Kevin Garnett returns at full strength, Boston will not beat the Cavaliers in the playoffs this year.

This one was downright comedic - from basically the opening tip the Cavs started whipping Boston and never let up en route to delivering the Celtics' worst loss of the year. The Cavs sprinted out to an early lead and were on top 31-9 after the first quarter. Read those numbers again - I didn't type them wrong, honest. That's completely absurd. A few other numbers from the Cavs' 65th win that might interest you:

36% Boston's FG%, featuring an ugly 5-18 (28%) from downtown. hell, these guys couldn't even make free throws (13-22, 59%).

55% Cleveland's FG%, including a blistering 10-16 (63%) from 3-land.

4-17 Paul Pierce, laying enough bricks to build a house.

2-8 Ray Allen, subcontracting for Pierce.

29/7/4Another efficient line from the NBA's MVP, using high-percentage 9-14 shooting to produce a +21 rating.

-27 Big Baby Davis' mind-blowing game-low plus/minus rating. Great minutes, Glen.

+36 Delonte West, more than balancing Davis' part of the equation. Joe Smith logged a solid +25 as well, along with LeBron and Mo contributing +21 each.

46-28 The Cavs' rebounding edge. Yes, I'd say the Celtics miss #5 down low.

8-4 The score of the Tribe's first win, which has nothing to do with this article, but was a relief nonetheless.

1 Cleveland's magic number to clinch the NBA's best overall record and the chance to enjoy homecourt throughout the playoffs. They've got a potentially tough one at Indiana tomorrow, but if they can at least take Philly at home on Wednesday, they'll nab the overall #1 and secure a 40-1 home mark for the year, tying Boston's NBA record.

Go Cavs!

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