Saturday, April 18

A great day for Cleveland sports

I've been a Cleveland sports fan for some 23 years now, and have attended dozens of games featuring my favorite clubs, but up until today, I'd never been to a postseason game. I ended that particular streak by going to the very first game of the Cavs' 2009 playoff drive, and Los Caballeros did not disappoint, thrashing the Pistons 102-84 in a game that was never, ever, seriously in doubt. The Cavs are a much, much better team than Detroit, and they won easily. Yep, sometimes it works out that way.

Not only did Cleveland claim a serious victory, and not only did I get a free t-shirt, AND a free towel, but I'm now in line for a free chalupa as well.

My favorite part is reflecting upon pre-series comments made by Pistons coach Michael Curry, who said that if the Pistons shoot over 45%, they have a chance to win the series. The Pistons shot 53.8% today and lost by 18. Good call, coach!

During the game, I also got a few updates regarding the progress of the Cleveland Indians, who are likewise facing a rival, having traveled to New York to help open up new Yankee Stadium. My friend's sister attended the game, and I learned that the Tribe trailed 2-0 early. Quite a bit later, I received this text from FCF's own John Hawkins:

Go Tribe! 14-2 in the second

Shortley thereafter, I got confirmation from both JHH and the Q-Tube: the Indians had indeed shelled Yankees pitching to the tune of 14 runs in the second inning. That's a beautiful thing. I'm watching at home now - it's now 20-2 in favor of the Tribe, and Yankee Stadium could hardly be quieter. Tim McCarver is impressed that Jeter and Damon are still on the bench rather than haveing gone home - less impressive is the Indians' assault on New York's "pitching."

The other good news: the spanks' first two meaningless runs came courtesy of a two-run job by Mark Teixiera, who just happens to have a starting spot on the FCF fantasy team. Boo-ya!

It's now 20-4, so the Tribe might have to do a little work to ensure that both Cleveland teams beat their rivals by 18. Considering the sort of meat New York trots out of that bullpen with theirs, this looks quite reachable.

And, not to exclude one of the major Cleveland teams, the Browns did not blow anything up today.

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