Wednesday, March 4

If I think Spring Training is a little slow, I can only imagine how you feel

Yes, these games don't count, and the guys have names like Mills, Brantley, and Head, but this is at the very least an interesting time where you get to see the kids that will make up the Indians in a few years going out there against major league level talent. Sure, pitchers may be working on their pitches and aren't too concerned about putting a complete outing together, but still.

Here are some quick hits before I go listen to Carl Pavano pitch for the second time this spring:

- Jhonny Peralta is easily the most overlooked Indian. What he does for this team offensively should not be taken for granted.

- Ed Mujica is doing everything he can to not make this team. Mujica is out of options literally and almost figuratively.

- Both Hafner and Grady look to get time as a DH Friday. Grady is nursing a sore groin and so pulled out of the World Baseball Classic (WBC)? Really, they call that thing a classic? Anyway, this will mark Hafner's return to possibly real baseball-like hitting.

- Those yet to see action are Joe Smith (still getting up to speed after missing time due to a virus), Adam Miller (perpetually cursed), and Cliff Lee. Lee pitched a career-high number of innings last year and with the extended spring training due to the aforementioned classic it has been determined to let Lee rest as long as possible.

- Ever wonder how much work a closer needs to do in spring training? I guess Kerry Wood is looking at only 12 - 14 innings worth.

- My jumping the gun comment of the week is that Asdrubal Cabrera has gotten off to a slow offensive start.

- Just to let you in on how much time position players get in spring training, Tony Graffanino has four hits in eight at bats so far. Too bad Morgan Ensberg isn't still around.

- My confidence in Anthony Reyes continues from last season unabated.

- Finally, word is that Choo's left (throwing hand) tricep has come up a little sore in South Korea's WBC camp. No word yet what this all means, but just thought you might be interested.

Go Tribe!
(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

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