Tuesday, March 10

Despite my best attempts to ignore it, Spring Training continues unabated.

While baseball players are busy working out the kinks and brushing off the rust, I too have struggled this spring to be so interested in Spring Training baseball as to want to write up the occasional blog post. It might have to do with the time zone of Arizona not exactly lining up with when I have time to listen to a game. That hasn't stopped me from continuing to read almost every drop of Indians news but still. Well let's get to the bullet list so we can get out of here. How's that sound?

- Indians getting the most spring AB's so far include Barfield, Francisco, Garko, Carroll, Peralta, and the AAA outfield of Mills, LaPorta, Crowe, and Brantley. Obviously Barfield is working his way to utility bench guy so he needs time in the field at various positions. As for hitting, his OPS is around .600 in 23 at bats. As a small sample size spring comparison, in 20 AB Peralta has an OPS of 1.650

- Wood was on the mound for a nine pitch spring training debut. Three up, three down with a strike out. Kerry is expected to pitch about a dozen or so more times this spring.

- Kobayashi has looked horrible this spring but lucky for him he's in the same camp as Mujica and Rich Rundles.

- Both Jenny Lew and flat-billed Tony Reyes are sitting on perfect five inning records right now, neither having surrendering a run.

- The real exciting thing so far has to be the way Carmona has handled himself in his seven innings. I can't believe I'm writing about a measly seven innings.

- The WBC isn't too bad if you've got nothing else to do. You can explain to your parents that the Netherlands still controls a number of Caribbean islands and that is why they have a baseball team.

- Speaking of the WBC, I was excited to see the US putting a beat down on Venezuela, with our own Mark DeRosa accounting for four RBI.

- Despite his late start The Dellucci DFA watch is looking glum with his two hits in six at bats, one of those being a home run. Yes, eagle-eyed reader, that picture at the top of this article is him.

- Still 26 days to Opening Day.

Go Tribe!
(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

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