Tuesday, February 3

Utter Domination

The Ohio St-michigan rivalry is starting to look like Browns/Steelers, except that in this one, our fans are on the winning side of things for a change. Last week, Ohio St basketball blew out the Wolverines, 72-54. This was the second time OSU defeated their nemesis this year, marking yet another 3-0 season sweep (along with the football team's win).

Let me throw some numbers at you. Buckeye football has toppled michigan 7 out of the last 8 times, including the past 5. On the hardwood, (insert sexual innuendo here) scUM has been downed by the Bucks 8 of 9. This means that in my 4-year college career, OSU holds an 11-1 record in the two sports combined. Wow. Just for fun, Ohio St Women's hoops has rolled up 13 straight. There has never been a better time to hate michigan.

Speaking of hating michigan, quick story. One of my students came in with a michigan sweatshirt last week, and I told him to take it off or turn it inside out because it was offensive. He did not, and we began to get into an argument. In the end, it was decided he could wear it. Stupid second graders.



Andy said...

Some guy came into my gym the other day with a blue shirt that read in yellow letters: BIG HOUSE. Why not just get it over with and have it say DOUCHE BAG?

Nick said...

Francis, you should have called him out.