Sunday, February 22

Hafner takes live batting practice, film at eleven.

Well with the dearth of interesting information out of spring training so far let's go over what we have heard.

- Andy Marte was designated for assignment before the first spring training game took place.

- There is a field at the new spring training venue with the same dimensions of Progressive Field.

- Carmona has put on a little weight in the offseason.

- Dellucci is already behind.

- Peter Gammons things David Huff will see a good amount of time in the rotation this season.

- Barfield looks good at the third and the outfield.

- Sowers is our spring training opening day starter for 2009 3:05 PM against the Giants of San Francisco on Wednesday. And yes STO will show the game.

The big news today was the question mark that is Travis Hafner took batting pratice beat writer Anthony Castrovince covers all the angles over at Highlights include dingers, more details on how much the shoulder hurt Hafner, and how many steals Hafner is projecting. Wedge mentions that Hafner shouldn't be under pressure to perform as he once did - what the team does need is a dependable Travis Hafner. No part of today's story should comfort your fears on the Hafner situation - well maybe just a little - but let's wait for some spring training action before we get too excited. Luckily for Hafner and Dellucci I guess is that the WBC will extend spring training a little.

Go Tribe!

(AP Photo/Paul Connors)

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