Saturday, January 31

NFL Picks: Super Bowl

Awesome, my favorite sporting day of the year once again marred by the appearance of my least (or at best second-least) favorite team. Ugh. The Cardinals aren't a real appealing alternative, though I suppose it will have to do. I hope they have beer wherever I'm watching this game.

The FCF team had a little better success prognosticating during the Conference Championship round: only Figgs' selection of the Eagles kept us from posting a perfect record. As it stands, we're 14-16 overall, with Nick holding a one-game advantage going into the Super Bowl, a game that many have described as being the "Daytona 500 of American Professional Football."

Last Week
Andy: 2-0
Figgs: 1-1
Nick: 2-0
Nick's Money Picks: 1-0

Playoffs so far
Andy: 5-5
Figgs: 3-7
Nick: 6-4
Nick's Money Picks: 4-4

Super Bowl XLIII

Cardinals (+7) vs Steelers
Andy: If you had told me back in October that these two teams would be playing for the Super Bowl, I would have freaked out because: how did you get back here to October 2008 from the future? But seriously, Arizona's run to the title game is as improbable as Pittsburgh's 53rd Super Bowl appearance is boring and run-of-the-mill. Look at some of the beatdowns these guys took in New York and Boston! Look at some of the derogatory comments I wrote in past weeks about not trusting them. These guys are the NFC Champions?

I'm rooting for the Cardinals to win this game not just because I dislike the Steelers (though it helps), but because Vegas stands to lose considerably if the redbirds win because of people who put down $10 on Arizona on a drunken lark at like 300-1 or whatever back in August. Vegas really wants a Pittsburgh victory, and I like rooting against the house. And against the Steelers. And with seven points, I don't feel so bad about that. I'll take the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, and get me a Pabst while you're up.
Figgs: I'm not too optimistic about the Cards shocking the world, but my hatred for shitsburgh will not allow me to pick them.
Nick: Steelers. Everyone's talking themselves into the Cardinals, and I think this one might not be that close. At least I'll make some money off of it. Shoot me now.

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