Saturday, January 17

NFL Picks: Conference Championships

Another great weekend for the FCF crew! Only Nick's last-minute conversion to the Steelers saved us from posting a pair of 0-4's on the weekend, but we're 9-15 as a unit overall thus far. Not good. Let's see if we can do better this weekend picking the NFC Championship and the Satan Bowl.

Last Week
Andy: 2-2
Figgs: 0-4
Nick: 1-3
Nick's Money Picks: 1-3

Playoffs so far
Andy: 3-5
Figgs: 2-6
Nick: 4-4
Nick's Money Picks: 3-4

AFC Championship

STEELERS (-4) vs. Ravens
Andy: This is absolutely disgusting. I almost want to forfeit my pick out of protest, but I'll soldier on and pick the Steelers.
Figgs: I'm gonna have to be real drunk for this game in order to root for the ratbirds. Uh, just typing that made me cringe. As far as my pick goes, Pittsburgh.
Nick: Steelers (-6). Both of these defenses are really good, but the Ravens looked sluggish against the Titans' Chris Johnson last week, and Kerry Collins shredded them up. I think that Baltimore really struggles to move that ball at all in this one, while Pittsburgh is able to move the ball sporadically. Steelers by two touchdowns. I've decided I'm going to root for the Steelers too, and not just for purely financial reasons. I can't stand the idea of the Ravens' franchise winning another Super Bowl before the Browns. (Or ever for that matter.) I'm assuming that the winner of this game wins the whole thing, and one more Pittsburgh Super Bowl won't make Steelers fans much more obnoxious than they are at present. For one week: go Steelers.

NFC Championship

CARDINALS (+3) vs. Eagles
Andy: I posted this late, but Nick can attest that I picked the Cards prior to the game. As I write, it's 24-6. Good work, Andy.
Figgs: No one has been giving the Cards credit all playoffs. I'll continue that trend and go with Philly.
Nick: I've been torched twice by betting against the Cardinals, but I like their chances in this game better than the previous two. Remember: it's not about how well they played during the regular season, it's about how well they're playing right now. Nothing would surprise me in this game, and with that in mind I'm going to take the home dog. 'Zona.

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