Tuesday, December 16

The title of my all-time least favorite Brown is there for the taking

Ball-dropper extraordinaire Braylon Edwards after whatever it was the Browns did on Monday night:

"It is what it is ... I've learned since being here that I'm very unappreciated. Not by the organization, just in the eyes of the fans and the city. Since Day One, I've been a marked man coming from Michigan. It's just gone that way."

Cry me a fucking river, Braylon. Catch the ball and no one cares where you're from. Remember last year when you were actually a good player and everyone thought you were great? I didn't see much unappreciation there. Can you really not see that all the fans want is for the players to play hard and play well, and that in 2008 you have done neither? It's really that simple.

This is absolutely pathetic, a top-caliber athlete trying to pass off public disappointment over him squandering his talent because he can't catch a football as inter-state bias. You think national columnists like Bill Simmons make fun of you because of that horrible university where you played amateur football? You think the NFL's stats bureau adds extra drops to your stats because they're Buckeye fans? (Actually, they wouldn't anyway because it would crash their system).

This year, Edwards has performed poorly and repeatedly shown an inability to accept his mistakes, with this comment being the most glaring example. Sure, I can see where it's upsetting to Edwards how his season and the Browns' has gone, but lashing out at the fans because they don't care for his weak effort is absolutely the wrong approach. What a franchise this is.


Nick said...

Leroy Hoard, Aaron Shea. Yeah, we all hated those guys!

davemanddd said...

don't forget thom darden, derrick alexander & steve everitt. what braylon doesn't seem to understand is that once you leave michigan & come here, all is forgiven as far as ohio state allegiances go. the reverse is true if a former ohio state player goes to play for the inbred. see holmes, santonio. see also tomczak, mike.

davemanddd said...

as a follow-up to my previous entry, once you are in the pros, especially with the browns, you don't skip a practice, rent a helicopter and go watch your alma mater. it doesn't matter if it's michigan, ohio state or podunk college. the reason why braylon got so much flack for that little episode had nothing to do with the fact that he went to michigan. it was because of how it negatively affected his on the field performance for the browns that next game day.

Andy said...

That's such a great football player name, "Leroy Hoard." He was a tough customer as well.