Saturday, December 13

NFL picks: Week 15

A late rally gave Andy a 9-7 mark for Week 14 while the other two fellows struggled with an unpredictable week. Only three weeks remain in the 2008 regular season slate; it will take some kind of Festivus miracle for Nick to claim the top spot.

Last Week
Andy: 9-7
Figgs: 5-11
Nick: 6-10
Nick's Money Picks: 3-3

Year to Date
Andy: 115-87-5
Figgs: 88-99-5
Nick: 106-96-5
Nick's Money Picks: 21-20

Thursday game

DA BEARS (-3) vs 'Aints
Andy: The Bears have been solid of late, and I think they'll be imposing on a Thursday night in the cold against a dome team. As much as I like the Saints this year, let's go with Chicago.
Figgs: I was originally thinking Saints, but Andy makes some good points. But on the other hand, considering how much better I am at this than Andy, I'll stick with NO.
Nick: Bears. The Saints blow on the road, and it's going to be cold tonight.

Sunday games

DIRTY BIRDS (-3) vs Buccos
Andy: Buccaneers. Yeargh!
Figgs: I don't what what brought on my love for the Falcons this year, but I'm sticking with em.
Nick: Falcons. Did you see the Bucs try stop the run on Monday night?

TEAM THAT I HATE IN BALTIMORE (-1) vs Team That I Hate in Pittsburgh
Andy: There are no winners in this game. Steelers, I guess.
Figgs: Can I pick a 0-0 tie? I'll go Ravens, just cause I hate the other one a little bit more.
Nick: Baltimore. I heard a good rule this week: pick Pittsburgh against teams with a lousy pass rush, pick against Pittsburgh when they're playing teams with a good pass rush. I'll bite.

SEX PANTHERS (-7.5) vs Donks
Andy: 60% of the time, Carolina wins every time.
Figgs: Panthers win, but not by that much. Denver.
Nick: Carolina. I hate that half point, but the Panthers' running game is sick right now.

BUNGLES (+6.5) vs 'Skins
Andy: The 'Nati hasn't been even vaguely competitive of late. Washington is skidding, but I like them to cover this.
Figgs: Skins.
Nick: Redskins. I liked Cincy to cover the number earlier this year, but I'm jumping ship.

Andy: I'll take Nashville over the city they relocated from.
Figgs: Titans.
Nick: Titans. A few good games from Houston are feeding this line. Tennessee by double-digits.

HOOSIERS (-17) vs One of the Worst Teams the NFL Has Ever Witnessed
Andy: If Indy beat Cincy by 32 last week, why shouldn't they beat Detroit by more than that this week? Colts.
Figgs: I'll go with the Lions, just because I have a huge man crush on Daunte. Is he even still Q'ing this team?
Nick: Colts. Screw the big three, Congress should bail out the Lions.

JAGONS (+1) vs Peckers
Andy: Pack. I'm so over Jacksonville.
Figgs: Pack.
Nick: Packers. The Jags quit months ago.

CHIEVES (+5) vs Bolts
Andy: Ah, the 5-point line, Vegas' version of throwing their arms up and saying WTF? KC has been a friend to me this year but I like SD here.
Figgs: Chargers.
Nick: I'll take games I'd never bet for 500, Alex. Bolts.

FISH (-6.5) vs Gold Diggers
Andy: Miami. You convinced me, Dolphins, now keep it going.
Figgs: Miami.
Nick: Miami, though the Niners are coming on under Singletary. His ass must be a sight to behold.

J!E!T!S! JETS! JETS! JETS! (-7) vs Buffaloes
Andy: The battle of: who can let me down more. I simply cannot take Buffalo anymore.
Figgs: I could go either way, so just to be different, Jills.
Nick: Jets. I really like teasing this game with the Pats.

LAMBS (+1) vs Sea Chickens
Andy: Seattle. I'm drunk.
Figgs: Seattle.
Nick: Shehawks. Seneca Wallace has some weird mojo working right now.

PHOENIXES (-3) vs Purple People Eaters
Andy: 'Zona. Still drunk. Hey Figgs, take the opposite team so I can win!
Figgs: Of course I'm taking the Vikes.
Nick: Arizona. Gus Frerotte is out, and he was their starter. Not a good week for Minny.

Andy: I still think New England's non-cover last week was weird, and to prove it, I'm taking them again.
Figgs: Pats.
Nick: Patriots. This isn't a game that Belichick's boys will lose.

Sunday night

AMERICA'S TEAM (-3) vs G-Men
Andy: Giants, I guess. This should be a good game to watch.
Figgs: NY is getting points? Giants.
Nick: Giants. How is NY getting points in this one.

Monday night

IGGLES (-14) vs Clowns
Andy: If you look at the talent between these teams, there's no reason why the line should be this gigantic, and that is the story of Cleveland's 2008 campaign. Browns.
Figgs: Browns. It's a Monday night, so we might win.
Nick: Eagles. Do I really have to watch this game?


Mberenis said...

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Andy said...

Unless my numbers are wrong, Figgs wins this week with a 5-9-2 mark, edging Nick and Andy's 4-10-2 slates. Good work, men.