Sunday, November 2

NFL Picks: Week 9

Happy Halloween! Last week FINALLY saw me make up some ground on Andy. Andy note: yeah, one game. We're into the second half of the season now, so I guess I'll have to get serious. Again, there are three games I really like this week, and that includes playing with fire by picking the Browns.

Last Week
Andy: 7-5-2
Figgs: 6-6-2
Nick: 8-4-2
Nick's Money Picks: 2-1

Year to Date
Andy: 66-46-4
Figgs: 54-58-4
Nick: 57-55-4
Nick's Money Picks: 10-8

VIKINGS (-4.5) vs. Texans
Andy: Vikings. We may never fully understand my anti-Texan bias.
Figgs: Vikings.
Nick: Vikes at home coming off the bye, and Houston's going to have lots of trouble with Peterson. Wish this was less than a field goal, but I'll go with Minny.

BENGALS (+7.5) vs. Jaguars
Andy: Bengals.
Figgs: The Bungles are sooo bad. Jax.
Nick: Bengals. Jags never beat anyone by more than seven.

CHIEFS (+8.5) vs. Bucs
Andy: KC covered last week, Figgs, and I think they will again.
Figgs: I dont know why I keep taking KC, I always lose. Lets go Chiefs.
Nick: Bucs. The Bucs are a tough team to get a feel for, but Kansas City blows.

BROWNS (-1.5) vs. Ravens
Andy: BROWNS (-1.5)
Figgs: I'm gonna be there, I gotta go Brownies. I wonder who Andy's gonna take.
Nick: Browns. The Browns win the turnover battle and cover the spread in any ugly, ugly game. Also: the Browns are 7-2 when I'm in the stands. I'll be there on Sunday. Lock it up.

BILLS (-6) vs. Jets
Andy: Bills.
Figgs: This is tough, I'll take the Favres.
Nick: Bills. This is a tough game to gauge. Favre could blow up (good or bad) at any time, and the Bills are an overachieving club. Still, Buffalo's at home, and they're tough in that garbage dump of a stadium.

RAMS (+2.5) vs. Cardinals
Andy:Breaking a rule of mine, I'm taking the Cardinals on the road. At some point they have to sack up.
Figgs: Haslett has got this team goin. Rams.
Nick: Cards. Just can't take the Rams if it's less than a FG.

BEARS (-13) vs. Lions
Andy: Bears. Lotsa ponts, but Detroit on the road is worth it.
Figgs: The Lions are pretty bad, but this is a lot of points. Uhh, Bears.
Nick: Bears. I hate to give these points, and I'd probably take Detroit if they were at home, but the Lions don't have a chance in hell.

TITANS (-4.5) vs. Packers
Andy: Titans, all day.
Figgs: Titans.
Nick: Titans. 7-0 overall, 7-0 ATS, and the Packers have trouble running and stopping the run. Yeah, Jeff Fisher's troops are going to be undefeated at the halfway mark.

BRONCOS (-3.5) vs. Dolphins
Andy: The Broncos have lost their last 5 ATS. I think that ends today.
Figgs: Denver.
Nick: Broncos. Sigh.

RAIDERS (+2.5) vs. Falcons
Andy: Real marquee matchup this week. I like the ATL.
Figgs: I thought this line might be a little higher. Falcons.
Nick: Falcons. Michael Turner is feast or famine. This week feels like a feast.

GIANTS (-9) vs. Cowboys
Andy: Giants. I'd give more than this if necessary to bet against Brad Johnson.
Figgs: I really don't wanna give more than a touchdown. 'Boys.
Nick: Giants. I don't like to give nine in an NFC East matchup, but Dallas is fading without Homo under center.

SEAHAWKS (+6.5) vs. Eagles
Andy: Eagles. Really, nothing on this board is knocking me over.
Figgs: Eagles.
Nick: Eagles. Seattle sucks, last week changed nothing.

COLTS (-6) vs. Patriots
Andy: Colts, I guess.
Figgs: Colts win in a close one, I'll go Pats.
Nick: Pats. Might change this if I knew Addai and Sanders were 100%.

REDSKINS (-2) vs. Steelers
Andy: Steelers will bounce back from last week's loss.
Figgs: Skins. I hate shitsburgh.
Nick: Steelers. Both teams are a little banged up, but all Washington does is run the ball and play turnover-free. Pittsburgh's defense stuffs the run and creates turnovers. Worthlessberger makes enough plays for the Steelers to win outright.

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