Sunday, November 23

NFL picks: Week 12

Congratulations to Figgs, who posted a season-beat 10-6 last week to move over .500, though had the officials not blown the call at the end of the Steeler-Charger game, Andy would have been 10-6 instead. Let's see how the FCF crew's doing thus far:

Last Week
Andy: 9-7
Figgs: 10-6
Nick: 6-10
Nick's Money Picks: 2-2

Year to Date
Andy: 90-65-5
Figgs: 78-77-5
Nick: 81-74-5
Nick's Money Picks: 15-14

STEELERS (-10.5) vs Bengals
Andy: Ugh, Steelers. The Bengals have played better, but nothing about this particular matchup seems to favor them.
Figgs: Bengals
Nick: Steelers (-10)

Note: Figgs couldn't get his picks in on time. He'll be assessed a 1-game penalty next week.

BROWNS (-3) vs Texans
Andy: Please explain to me why I should take a Texas team playing in cold weather, 0-5 on the road this year, and quarterbacked by Sage Rosenfels, where I only get 3 points. Browns.
Nick: Browns. For the reasons Andy posted above, but also because I'll be attending this game, and the Force will be with me. The Browns are 7-3 when I'm in the stands, and they're about to move to 8-3 and also provide a cover.

FALCONS (-1) vs Panthers
Andy: Panthers. I guessed the lines great this week, except this one, where I thought Carolina would be favored significantly. Nick warns this may be a trap game, but I'm stepping right into it.
Nick: Panthers. I do feel like this could be a trap game, partially because I'm still not sure if the Falcons are for real or not. I came close to betting this game, but decided to pass. Still, I like the Panthers here.

RAVENS (-1) vs Eagles
Andy: If you can't beat the Bengals on the road, you're not going to beat the Ravens either.
Nick: Ravens. Brian Westbrook's looked awfully mortal lately. His injury appears to be more serious than we were led to believe.

COWBOYS (-10) vs 49ers
Andy: Cowboys have some confidence back and the 49ers seem about ready to start mailing this season in.
Nick: Cowboys. That's a big number, but the Cowboys have alot more to play for at this point.

LIONS (+9) vs Bucs
Andy: The 'Bay plays close games and the Lions are long overdue. I'll take Detroit.
Nick: Bucs. I'd be more comfortable if this line were <7, but I can't take Detroit since they have zero chance to win this game.

JAGUARS (-1) vs Vikings
Andy: Heard a cute-sounding girl on the radio pick JAX, thus so do I.
Nick: Vikings. This is a close one, but give me the team that is better at running the ball and stopping the run.

CHIEVES (+3) vs Bills
Andy: Do I hafta? Bills rebound and take this one.
Nick: Bills. I'm by no means comfortable with the Bills, but I need more points to take the Chiefs.

DOLPHINS (-1) vs Patriots
Andy: My how the times have changed. The Patriots will have revenge and a playoff spot on their minds, so I go with New England.
Nick: Dolphins. I just don't see the Pats' D slowing down the Miami running game.

RAMS (+9) vs Bears
Andy: Chicago has to be the league's most nondescript team, but picking STL at this point frightens me. Bears.
Nick: Bears. Again, too many points, but the StL has lost by double-digits three weeks straight.

TITANS (-5) vs Jets
Andy: When this season is over, I'm going to send Jeff Fisher a thank-you note. Titans. Again.
Nick: Titans. If this line were 3 or less, I'd put money on it.

BRONCOS (-9.5) vs Raiders
Andy: Raiders, more to spite Denver than anything else.
Nick: Donks. Why do I keep picking these jerks? I'm starting to get nervous about all the points I'm giving this week, but Oakland blows.

CARDINALS (+3) vs Giants
Andy: Vegas would have trouble with a Giant-Titan Super Bowl (the two largest team mascots) because they wouldn't be able to underestimate both teams at once. Seriously, Giants.
Nick: Giants. When are the Giants and Titans going to get some respect from Vegas. I'll gladly give the three.

SEAHAWKS (+3.5) vs Redskins
Andy: 'Hawks, oddly enough. They've improved a bit and Hasselbeck and Qwest Field give them enough here.
Nick: Skins. That half point makes me nervous, but the Redskins are the much better club.

CHARGERS (-1) vs Colts
Andy: I'll take the home Chargers in the 2008 Inconsistency Bowl.
Nick: Colts. Indy's finally starting to roll; they've won three straight.

SAINTS (-1) vs Packers
Andy: Saints. I've been riding the Saints all year, see no reason to stop now, no matter how mediocre they are.
Nick: Saints. Both defenses suck, but the Saints have the better offense and they're at home.


Figgs said...

Couldn't get the picks in, or the picks weren't up? I was driving, so I knew no scores, got to a computer around half time of the 1:00 games, and the only game up was Thursday's. This week is under protest.

Andy said...

The lines were up, but for technical reasons you couldn't see them. We'll address this offline.

I'll rescind the 1-game penalty, even though I think it was fair. You'll be 0-1 for the week (the Steelers-Bengals game).