Sunday, November 16

It's Official.

It's michigan Week. Which puts me at a dilemma, as I annually wear my Ann Arbor's a Whore shirt Monday-Friday, but the Browns are playing on Monday night. Do I stick with tradition, or wear a Browns shirt tomorrow? I think I'm gonna go with the anti-michigan gear, because the Bucks trump the Browns, especially when we're 3-6. Plus, I'm broke so I'm waiting for Christmas for a Brady jersey, making Charlie Frye my best option for a Browns jersey. Back to my original point, fuck michigan.

(Note: As I'm writing this, Ted Ginn just took a reverse 40 yards to the barn. As soon as I post this, I'm gonna watch the highlight reel again.)


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Andy said...

I love the amount of contempt that permeates this mail. This game is going to be fun.