Tuesday, November 11

Herb Score (1933-2008)

FCF would like to bid a fond farewell to a beloved member of the Indians' family, Herb Score, who died at the age of 75 today.

Score had two outstanding early seasons with the Indians, claiming the Al Rookie of the Year award in 1955 and making the All-Star team and leading the league in K's in both '55 and '56. Score posted ERA+ totals of 140 and 166, respectively, for those two seasons. A line drive to his face in early 1957 forever altered Score's mound presence, effectively cutting short a promising career.

Score achieved far greater fame in the announcer booth, where he called Tribe games from 1964-1997 in a career that landed him in the Broadcasters Hall of Fame. I loved listening to Score's broadcasts as a kid, with his mellow style and the funny way he pronounced his name (kinda like Uhhb) and those of the players. Uhhb was the man.

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Nick said...

Uhbbb will be missed. I cried when the Tribe didn't win in '95. Partially because I was 8, but also because I was sad that they didn't win for Uhbbb, who I knew would soon be retiring.