Thursday, November 13

Flying the flags

I noticed something as I looked out the window of my building at Terminal Tower, the downtown landmark that flies its flags higher than any other building on the skyline. The US flag is on top, of course; below that is a Cleveland Browns flag, and below that is a Cavaliers flag.

I think the Browns and Cavs flags should be switched. The Cavs are off to a great start and the Browns are flat-out depressing. They should also put a Chief Wahoo up there (they do during Tribe season, of course) and stick it between the Browns and Cavs pennants as sort of a Cleveland sports power rankings. Now that would give the GM's some incentive to put a winner on the field!

I'm speculating here, but I bet Doug would like to see the Cavalier flag at the pinnacle, even above the Stars and Stripes. Why not? The US isn't 6-2 at anything.

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Douglas Wright said...

From top to bottom:

Cavs Flag
U.S. Flag
Another Cavs Flag
Tribe Flag
Browns Flag

and is there a location where they can hang a flag with the old Rockers logo? They were actually good while they were in existence, so maybe represent them but put the flag on a pole that nobody will look at so it can be just like the team?