Thursday, November 13

Cliff Lee Wins 2008 AL Cy Young Award

Congratulations to Cliff Lee for taking home the Indians' third Cy Young award ever and the second in two years. Lee got 24 of 28 first-place votes and a total of 132 points, with Roy Halladay unsurprisingly coming in second with the the other four first place votes and 71 points. All I have to say is 22-3, 2.54. Go Tribe!


Nick said...

How did Halladay even get any first place votes? I wish they'd make voting public so we could hold these clowns accountable.

Andy said...

As a fierce critic of the BBWAA's voting and website, I will give them credit for mostly making the right call here. I agree with Nick about voting being public and that Halladay was the right choice for second, not first, place. Lee was the only logical pick.

JHH, I'd add to your numbers: 175, Lee's league-leading ERA+. Halladay's was 154. Matsuzaka actually had a really good year at 159.

Someone voted CC #1 in the NL. That's crazy. Lincecum and Santana were the two defensible choices; Webb and CC were not.

Both the RoY's were easy picks. How about the one weirdo who picked Joey Votto over Geovany Soto? Maybe he got their names mixed up.

JHH said...

The ability of sports writers to not agree on these things is pretty well known.

I wonder how many pick their selection based on the fact they know their pick won't win. Like putting down CC knowing Lincecum would win, just to stir the pot.

Aladdin Hotel said...

A great pitcher to be in this select group.