Wednesday, November 26

Big Apple Beatdown

Wow, I bet LeBron can't wait to get to New York and play with that glorified pickup team! That looks like lots of fun, putting up wild 3-pointers every time down the floor and losing lots of games. More fun than the Cavs' boring old "play good defense and advance far into the playoffs every year" style.

Stephen A. Smith the other day said that the NBA "needs a good basketball team in New York." Huh??? Why do pundits feel the need to say things like this? The Knicks are terrible and the league is doing just fine. Hell, the NFL doesn't even have a team in LA, the nation's second-biggest media market, and their balance sheet is pretty strong. Even by SAS standards, this is a head-scratcher.

I wasn't a big fan of the new LeBron shoes, and red is even my favorite color. I didn't care for the Nike "chalk throw" commercial either, since, as much as I love LeBron's game, that's probably the most inane pregame ritual this side of Ray Lewis' ridiculous dance.

What I DID like was the Cavs absolutely destroying the Knicks. Doug will write more on this, I'm sure, but that was sheer domination.

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