Wednesday, October 1

NFL Thoughts At the Quarter Mark

Four weeks have gone by in this NFL season. Here are a few random things that I've observed...

-The AFC is wide open.
Brady's injury obviously takes New England down several notches (just ask Miami), Indy doesn't look very good, San Diego, Denver and Jacksonville have been mediocre, and Pittsburgh is loaded with injuries. All this leaves the AFC totally up for grabs. Who would have thought 1/4th of the way into the season the two best-looking teams would be the Bills and Titans? Jeff Fisher is a really underrated coach. He never seems to have a ton of talent but he manages the game really well and his players always go 100%.

-The NFC East is good, really good.
This one doesn't come as much of a surprise. New York is 3-0, Dallas 3-1, Washington 3-1, and Philly 2-2. The Redskins looked to be left for dead after getting rocked opening night against the Giants. They've now won three straight, including one over the 'Boys in Big D. Dallas has looked good in beating Green Bay and Philly. The Eagles have had their ups and downs, but if (really big if) McNabb and Westbrook can stay healthy this could definitely be a Super Bowl team.

-No one else in the NFC is any good.
Carolina and Tampa Bay have been pleasant surprises, currently standing at 3-1, but I'm still not totally sold on either. They're decent, but I wouldn't put them on the same level as anyone in the East. There are six 2-2 teams, led by Green Bay and Chicago. Both North teams have looked good at times and real bad at others. The 1-3 Vikings and 2-2 Saints are the biggest disappointments in the NFC thus far.

-The battle for the #1 pick is on.
We have seen some really terrible football by some teams. The Rams seem to have a stranglehold on the title "Worst Team in the League" right now, but things can change very quickly. For example, the Chiefs were right with STL before last week, until they went out and beat the previously unbeaten Broncos. Right now the runner-up to the Rams' throne would have to be the Bungles. Boy are they a sorry team. Of course we can't leave out the Lions either, who always seem to be in this conversation. The only other winless team is the Texans, but they're better than that and I wouldn't put them on the same level as these other teams. Other contenders are the 1-3 Fighting Al Davis', the 2-2 Falcons, the 1-2 Seahawks, the 1-3 Dolphins, and :cough: the 1-3 Browns (BRA-DY, BRA-DY).

-I suck at picking against the spread.
I'm getting beat like I stole something in our contest. I really blow.

-Head coaches dropping like flies.
St. Louis' Scott Linehan was the first to go, and earlier today Oakland's Lane Kiffin got red tagged. Detroit's Rod Marinelli and Cleveland's Romeo Crennel could be gone by season's end. Houston's Gary Kubiak and Cinncy's Marvin Lewis should see out the rest of the season, but if their respective teams don't improve they may not be back next year.

-T.O. is still an ass.
Real shocker, I know.

-Tony Kornheiser still sucks on MNF.
Real shocker, I know.

-New Super Bowl prediction.
Colts over Eagles. My original pick was Pats over Saints, which isn't lookin so hot right now. Indy is a pedestrian 1-2 right now, but they should definitely turn it around. As I mentioned earlier, Philly is a real good team if they can stay healthy.


Andy said...

Fisher is superb, consistently winning games with so-so teams.

The Colts, really? I think they're getting by on rep these days.

Figgs said...

You're probably right about the Colts. I'm not totally sold on them, I just didn't know where to go in the AFC. Maybe the Browns still have a chance...