Sunday, October 26

NFL Picks: Week 8

A number of sneaky covers last week reminds us how tricky NFL betting is. Detroit fell behind 21-0 but scored enough meaningless points to cover; the Seahawks scored a useless TD late to pull within 10 (they were 10.5-point underdogs); and the Giants held up their end with a late safety. Does more wildness awaits us in Week 8? That seems to be the only certainty.

Last Week
Andy: 8-6
Figgs: 5-9
Nick: 5-9
Nick's Money Picks: 2-1

Year to Date
Andy: 59-41-2 (Yeah, that's right.)
Figgs: 48-52-2
Nick: 49-51-2
Nick's Money Picks: 8-7

BROWNS (+7) vs. Jaguars
Andy: Browns. Obviously. Why doesn't Blogger do this for me automatically by now?
Figgs: Beer we go Brownies.
Nick: Browns. If Quinn gets in at some point, we might win this outright.

COWBOYS (-1) vs. Bucs
Andy: I can't get behind this Bucs team, and I have no idea why. They even have a pirate ship! Cowboys. I HATE this pick but find myself powerless to switch.
Figgs: Cowboys I guess.
Nick: Cowboys at home, though I'm not happy about it.

LIONS (+9) vs. Redskins
Andy: The 'Skins win games, but they do it close and play down to their competition. This week they're on the road, and in a dome. I can't believe I'm doing this, but Lions.
Figgs: Skins cover.
Nick: Skins. The Lions just have no chance to win this game, and there's a good chance Washington covers.

DOLPHINS (+1) vs. Buffaloes
Andy: Nick has talked me into the Buffaloes here. And it's "Cock" Jauron.
Figgs: Bills.
Nick: Bills. They're banged up, but Buffalo is the vastly superior team. Dick Jauron is an underrated head coach, his Bills have really overachieved the last two seasons.

PATRIOTS (-7) vs. Rams
Andy: Two teams who people are struggling to understand how good they are means a definite stay-away game. Yet at FCF we have no stay-away games, so Patriots.
Figgs: Rams are on a roll.
Nick: Pats cover at home.

SAINTS (+3) vs. Chargers
Andy: Saints. I may or may not have picked them every week this year, and cannot explain to you why.
Figgs: Chargers.-
Nick: Chargers. Chargers will slow down the Bush-less Saints. Saints won't slow down the Chargers.

JETS (-13) vs. Chiefs
Andy: Too many points, even if it is the Chiefs. They must have some pride, no? And yes, I'm now taking both the Lions and the Chiefs.
Figgs: 13 is pretty big, I'll go with KC.
Nick: Chiefs. I've been over-estimating the Jets, and 13 is a big number.

EAGLES (-9) vs. Falcons
Andy: Did you know the Falcons are 4-2? I'm taking the ATL here ATS.
Figgs: Westbrook'sback, Eagles probably win, but 9 is too high. ATL.
Nick: Eagles. Not sure about this game, but Westbrook's back.

RAVENS (-7) vs. Raiders
Andy: The Ravens thrive against teams who make dumb mistakes, and that's the true hallmark of the Raiders. I'll be stunned if Baltimore doesn't post a defensive TD in this game.
Figgs: Uhh, Ravens.
Nick: Ravens, although I'm not cool with giving a full seven.

PANTHERS (-4) vs. Cardinals
Andy: Panthers, why not.
Figgs: Panthers.
Nick: Panthers. Cards blow on the road.

TEXANS (-9.5) vs. Bengals
Andy: Bengals. I have now taken the three worst teams in the NFL. This is the one I like best of them, though.
Figgs: Texans. The Bungles are awful.
Nick: Texans. Palmer might be done for the year, Houston has a decent offense, and Cincy gives up alot of points.

STEELERS (-3) vs. Giants
Andy: Steelers. Let's just move on.
Figgs: Giants. I'm surprised pittsburgh is favored.
Nick: Giants. No Willie Parker, no Santonio Holmes, no Bryant McFadden. Pittsburgh can't block, the Giants get after the QB, and I'm getting three points? Lock it up.

49ERS (-5) vs. Seahawks
Andy: 49ers. More points than I expected, but Seattle has fallen hard.
Figgs: Seattle.
Nick: Niners. Can't resist picking on Chuckles for at least one more week.

TITANS (-4) vs. Colts
Andy: Tennessee is 6-0 against the spread, 6-0 overall, and I've taken them 6 times. You know those investment commercials that say "past returns are no guarantee of future performance"? Fuck it. Titans.
Figgs: Tennessee is bound to loser sooner or later, right? Colts.
Nick: Titans. Tennessee is going to blow Indy up at the point of attack on both sides of the ball, and they're at home. This pick is COLD BLOODED!

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