Sunday, October 19

NFL picks: Week 7

I did not like last week's board at all, evidenced by my 5-9 record. On the other hand, I was 2-1 with the games I bet on (the one's that actually mattered), so it's not all bad. I like this week's board alot better, and I'm looking to bounce back and pick up a game or two on Andy, who's been pretty impressive so far this season. Go Browns!

Last Week
Andy: 9-5
Figgs: 7-7
Nick: 5-9
Nick's Money Picks: 2-1

Year to Date
Andy: 51-35-2
Figgs: 43-43-2
Nick: 44-42-2
Nick's Money Picks: 6-6

CHIEFS (+9) vs. Titans
Andy: Titans. Until I'm wrong.
Figgs: The Titans never blow anyone out. KC.
Nick: Titans. I'm not happy about giving more than a touchdown, but I can't pick the Chiefs in a game they have no chance of winning.

BILLS (-1) vs. Chargers
Andy: Chargers.
Figgs: Definitely could go either way, I'll take SD.
Nick: Bills. Again, a game I'm not thrilled about, but Buffalo's at home and coming off of the bye.

BENGALS (+9.5) vs. Steelers
Andy: Steely McBeam
Figgs: steelers
Nick: Steelers. Pittsburgh has a bunch of key players coming back from injuries, they're coming off the bye, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting? Lock it up.

DOLPHINS (-3) vs. Ravens
Andy: Dolphish
Figgs: Dolphins. I hate the Ravens.
Nick: Dolphins. Miami's looked good in their last three games or so.

RAMS (+6.5) vs. Cowboys
Note: this line was probably assuming Brad Johnson's starting for Dallas.
Andy: 'Boys
Figgs: Cowboys.
Nick: Dallas. It's less than a touchdown, and the Rams are really bad.

BEARS (-3.5) vs. Vikings
Andy: Da Bears.
Figgs: Close call, gimme Minny.
Nick: Vikings. I don't like either team here, so I'm taking the points in a divisional game that should be close.

PANTHERS (-3) vs. Saints
Andy: 'aints
Figgs: Saints win.
Nick: Saints. Feels like this could be a bounce-back game for Carolina, but New Orleans should be favored here.

(-10.5) vs. 49ers
Andy: G-men.
Figgs: Giants. How'd they do last week?
Nick: Giants. This line should be 14 or more. The Giants are going to be pissed after last Monday night.

TEXANS (-9.5) vs. Lions
Andy: Lions
Figgs: Not every day a 1-5 team is favored by 9.5. But then again, it is the Lions. I'll take Houston.
Nick: Texans. I wish I didn't have to give 9.5, but Houston's at home and the better team.

RAIDERS (+3) vs. Jets
Andy: Jets
Figgs: Jets, as long as a Heidi episode doesn't come on.
Nick: Jets. New York can score, the Raiders are awful, and I only have to give three? "Oh, I'll play your game you rogue."

REDSKINS (-7.5) vs. Browns
Andy: Browns
Figgs: Beer we go Brownies.
Nick: Browns. I was really close to putting dough on this game, but I'm still not comfortable enough with the Browns.

PACKERS (+1.5) vs. Colts
Andy: Colts.
Figgs: Indy. The NFL should have burried the Colts when they had the chance. They should have started 0-4. Their back now.
Nick: Colts. The Pack has been underwhelming, particularly on defense, and I feel that Indy hit their stride last week.

BUCS (-10.5) vs. Seahawks
Andy: Seahawks
Figgs: I'll take the 'Hawks, hoping Wallace can start and Frye gets 0 snaps.
Nick: Bucs. Seattle's awful, and we may see more of Charlie Frye this week.

PATRIOTS (-3.5) vs Broncos
Andy: New England, just to spite Nick.
Figgs: Denver.
Nick: Donks. New England's awfully ordinary without Brady at QB.

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