Sunday, October 12

NFL picks: Week 6

Finally, with the Browns back in action, the FCF team can get back to picking at least one of the contests without really thinking about it.

Nick made a good point to me via text message the other day, which was that when picking NFL games, you are calling them mostly straight up because the lines are usually low. Last week, out of 14 games, only one team won but didn't cover (Dallas). Not coincidentally, perhaps, all three of us sported winning records.

Last week also showed how hard it can be to pick these right. By all rights, Nick should have gotten his Texans upset special correct - how did they manage to lose that one? On the other hand, check out his pre-game justification for picking the Vikings: "...Peterson's going to run all over a beat up New Orleans line." Peterson had all of 32 yards on 21 carries yet the Vikings won on a dazzling array of Saint turnovers. Funny game.

Last Week
Andy: 8-5-1
Figgs: 8-5-1
Nick: 7-6-1
Nick's Money Picks: 2-1

Year to Date
Andy: 42-30-2 (Good thing I didn't retire before last week)
Figgs: 36-36-2 (Clearly you should just start picking at random)
Nick: 39-33-2
Nick's Money Picks: 4-5

BROWNS (+9) vs. Giants
Andy: Browns for reasons of loyalty, but I like this pick anyway
Figgs: Giants. This is gonna get ugly.
Nick: Giants. It's all over but the crying. Andy, never bet with your heart.

FALCONS (+3) vs. Bears
Andy: Falcons. These guys have surprised me this year.
Figgs: Two up and down teams, could go either way. I guess I'll go with the Bears.
Nick: A game I don't like at all. Give me the Bears though.

VIKINGS (-13) vs. Lions
Andy: Lots of points, but the Lions are lots of bad. Vikes.
Figgs: I hate giving up that many points, but really Detroit, you guys are awful. Minny.
Nick: Vikes. 200+ yards for All Day.

COLTS (-4.5) vs. Ravens
Andy: Colts. Fun fact: I hate the Ravens.
Figgs: Indy. I likewise hate the ratbirds.
Nick: Ravens. Not touching this one, but the Colts are getting by on past accomplishments.

SAINTS (-9) vs. Raiders
Andy: Saints, getting me the W I should have had on Monday.
Figgs: Saints.
Nick: Saints, though the Raiders could put up big rushing numbers.

JETS (-6) vs. Bengals
Andy: Jets. I'd go the other way if Palmer was playing.
Figgs: Jets. The Bungles blow.
Nick: Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick on the road with the Jets coming off a bye has me licking my chops. That expression is used a lot, but have you ever really seen anyone lick their chops?

BUCS (-1) vs. Panthers
Andy: Panthers.
Figgs: I seem to be picking against the Panthers all year for no particular reason, and I'm not doing too well, so lets go with Carolina.
Nick: Panthers. Should be a close game, but Carolina's more talented.

REDSKINS (-14) vs. Rams
Andy: The Rams will surprise one week, but not this one. Redskins.
Figgs: The Rams keep this one somewhat close.
Nick: Redskins, as much as I hate to give a full 14.

TEXANS (-3) vs. Dolphins
Andy: Dolphins, my upset special for the week.
Figgs: The Texans are do for a win, right?
Nick: Gimme Houston at home.

BRONCOS (-3.5) vs. Jags
Andy: Ugh. Jags, I guess.
Figgs: Jax.
Nick: Clearly the Donks here, don't know what you guys are thinking. Denver wins at home, and Jacksonville's awfully beat up. The only thing that worries me is it's a big game for the Jags.

CARDINALS (+5) vs. Cowboys
Andy: Cowboys. I expected this line to be higher.
Figgs: Dallas.
Nick: Dallas, though the Cards are getting a ton of action here.

49ERS (+4.5) vs. Eagles
Andy: Eagles, getting back on solid ground.
Figgs: Eagles need a win here, and they'll get it.
Nick: Eagles. Doesn't this seem like it should be 7 or more?

SEAHAWKS (-1) vs. Packers
Andy: Wow, did both of these teams ever suck last weekend. I still have a soft spot for Charlie Frye, but I'll have to take the Pack.
Figgs: Packers.
Nick: I love picking on the deer in the headlights - er...Charlie Frye. Packers comfortably.

CHARGERS (-6) vs. Patriots
Andy: Pats.
Figgs: Pats.
Nick: Chargers in a revenge game.

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