Monday, October 13

New FCF writer

Today I'm pleased to announce the addition of Doug Wright as the newest member of the FCF team. Doug will be focusing on the Cleveland Cavaliers, bringing an extensive knowledge of and passion for the Cavs to the site.

Doug is easily the biggest Cavs fan I know. He and I attended my first post-LeBron-draft game, a win over Philly that LeBron didn't actually play in. Boozer scored like 89 points and I spilled a full beer on the guy in front of me, who didn't realize it until I pointed it out to him.

Doug also once, when we were playing high school baseball, repeatedly and to the annoyance of the home plate umpire, delayed the game to head back to the screen to get score updates for a Cavs playoff game against the Knicks. Now that's being a fan.

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