Thursday, October 16

Moondog is Offensive?

In Wednesday's article, Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote in his Cavaliers Corner blog that Moondog has let him down. Apparently, when the Cavs were playing in Pittsburgh this week, Moondog tore off a Browns jersey to reveal a Steelers jersey underneath. Sure it was in bad taste, but it was a preseason game, and mascots sometimes play to the home crowd for laughs. At least he didn't fall off a wall during a nationally televised playoff game.

In his blog, Dan wrote "Admittedly, I don't really care. I'm more offended by the idea of Moondog as the Cavs mascot. It just doesn't make sense." Later he commented, "Then again, Moondog didn't grow up in Cleveland, so he can root for whatever team he wants."

Ok Dan, what makes "sense" as a Cavs mascot? Which definition of a Cavalier do you want to create a mascot from, the mounted knight on a horse galloping across the court, or a perfect gentleman leading some chick in a dance?

Maybe not relevant to the Cavs, but the Moondog is completely relevant to Cleveland. And while it is true that Alan Freed--the Moondog--was born in Pennsylvania, his family moved to Salem when he was 12 and he lived and worked in the Cleveland area for years.

To be fair, I liked Dan's previous blog entry about LeBron James and the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets. After years of reading Bud Shaw's dreck, it is a welcoming sight to see Brian Windhorst writing for the Plain Dealer. Let's hope he rubs off on Dan and the rest of the writers.


Andy said...

I'm with Labbe on both counts.

First off, the steelers jersey thing was a dumb idea. I'm inflexible on this, home crowd or no. Totally lame. You would never see Slider wear a steeler jersey.

Second, I too think it is dumb that our mascot is a dog. We should have a knight or something like that. Like how Michigan State has the Spartan costume or USC has the Trojan guy. Someone with a sword.

The dog, on the other hand, is a bit of a stretch. The Cavs naming their mascot after a DJ who worked here 50 years ago? I doubt many fans get that reference - I certainly didn't for years. I mean, we couldn't find anything more contemporary or relevant to the team and their name? It looks like a cheap way to add a furry mascot, just like how the Gladiators have a lion when an actual gladiator (foam or not) would be much cooler.

Douglas Wright said...

The Steelers jersey was a bad idea, no question about it. The Cavs, via LeBron and Moondog, are continuing to isolate themselves from the other 2 Cleveland sports teams.

Moondog has no relevancy to the Cavs, but at least it does fit the city. What is Slider? The fact that he wears a Tribe jersey is the only relevance to the Indians, and Moondog wears a Cavs jersey.

Dumb mascot? Yes! Dumb idea wearing the Steelers jersey? Absolutely. It would be cool to see some tough guy with a sword tearing it up alongside the court. But if you simply rename Moondog to "Jump Shot", then you'd essentially have Slider -- a mascot that has no relevancy to the team other than a term related to the sport. Moondog makes more sense than Slider.

JHH said...

I hate Slider. What a horrible mascot. He's just a Phillie Phanatic copy. Now for the Phillie Phanatic that was fine but to copy it was just a lame attempt to make a non-threatening kid friendly mascot.

Nick said...

I'll back Andy on this; a Steelers jersey represents an uncrossable line. You are a murderer or your are not. You are a rapist or you are not. You wear a Steelers jersey or you do not.

Moondog: what the hell? My facebook profile was a picture with you for the longest time, and then you betray me like this? Admittedly, Moondog had grown on my as a mascot, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe it's time for the two of us to break up.

Figgs said...

Well since every other writer commented on this I guess I should jump in. Moondog is kind of a dumb idea, and the steeler jersey was inexcusable. I liked Allburn's comparrison to a rapist and murderer. As for Slider, I've always been a huge fan, but I guess it doesn't make any sense. If you think about it though, if our mascot was a giant red indian with a big nose and slanty eyes, they would have made us get rid of our name long ago.