Sunday, September 28

NFL Picks: Week 4

Last Week

Andy: 8-8
Figgs: 6-10
Nick: 7-9

Year to Date
Andy: 26-20-1
Figgs: 21-25-1
Nick: 25-21-1
Nick's Money Picks: 2-1

PANTHERS (-7) vs. Falcons
Andy: Panthers. If ATL got crushed in TB, why shoudn't they in CAR?
Figgs: Atlanta. I'm not gonna call Carolina a quality opponent.
Nick: Panthers. I can't pick the ATL outside of their dome, or against a quality opponent.

CHIEFS (+9.5) vs. Broncos
Andy: Bronkos. These guys can put up points, and KC can give them up at will.
Figgs: Broncos for sure. My God KC is bad.
Nick: Donks. Easy cover. This is a three-score win.

SAINTS (-5) vs. 49ers
Andy: The 49ers have been surprising, but I like the Saints at dome.
Figgs: Saints
Nick: Saints. The Niners will move the ball, but the Saints will move it better.

JETS (-1) vs. Cardinals
Andy: Jets. I don't trust the Cardinals at all, ever, even if they might be better.
Figgs: Favres
Nick: Jets. Tough call here, but I generally don't like Arizona on the road.

TITANS (-3) vs. Vikings
Andy: When will Vegas get on the Tennessee bandwagon?
Figgs: Vikings
Nick: Titans. Another game I probably won't bet, but Minny is on the road and Tennessee looks solid.

BUCS (-1) vs. Packers
Andy: I like the Pack on the road here, eager for revenge.
Figgs: No-Longer-Favres. TB is overrated.
Nick: Packers. Gotta go with the vastly more talented club, particularly when they're getting points.

JAGS (-7) vs. Texans
Andy: Jags. I'd give more points if I had to.
Figgs: Houston. Jax can't run it up on anyone, even if they are the far superior team.
Nick: Jags. Not comfortable with that pick at all.

BENGALS (-3.5) vs. Browns
Andy: I'm picking the Browns every single week - don't we know this by now?
Figgs: Brownies. We can't lost to the Bungals can we?
Nick: Browns. Derek Anderson playing well this week is bad for the Browns in the long run. Thus, he will play well this week.

RAIDERS (+9) vs. Chargers
Andy: Lots of points, but the Chargers are healthy and explosive.
Figgs: San Diego, Super Chargers
Nick: Raiders. If Jamal Williams is out again the Raiders running game will give the Bolts problems.

RAMS (+9) vs. Bills
Andy: Bills. I tried to be nice to the Rams last week and they got mauled again. What a disaster. The key is picking which week they play surprisingly well. I'm betting not this week.
Figgs: Jills. My God STL is bad.
Nick: Bills. I can't pick the Rams on principle. The principle is that they suck.

COWBOYS (-11) vs. Redskins
Andy: The Cowboys are like last year's Patriots, setting lines high and baiting unsuspecting gamblers into riding them. I like the 'Skins to cover.
Figgs: Skins. Boys win by a touchdown.
Nick: Redskins. Not happy with this one, but NFC East games tend to be tight.

BEARS (+3) vs. Eagles
Andy: Eagles, all day long.
Figgs: Philly for sure. NFC East is sick.
Nick: Eagles. Brian Westbrook, I could kiss you.

STEELERS (-5.5) vs. Ravens
Andy: I feel like I've seen these teams before. 5.5 line means Vegas has no idea, and neither do I. Thus, I take the Steelers as the home team.
Figgs: Shitsburgh easy. Ravens are a really untalented 2-0.
Nick: Steelers. Again, a game I don't want to touch because of Pittsburgh's injuries, but they tend to show up in Monday Nighters.

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