Monday, September 8

Good thing we got those 3 points

Romeo Crennel's decision to kick a field goal on 4th-and-3 with 10+ minutes remaining in Sunday's game against the Cowboys, with the Browns trailing 28-7, is arguably the worst coaching decision I have ever seen. I generally try not to criticize coaches and managers for on-field decisions too much, but here I must make an exception.

Kicking in that situation was the NFL equivalent of raising the white flag and surrendering. It sent a clear message to the team, the fans, the city of Cleveland, and the league: we don't care about winning. Scoring three points there made it 28-10, which still makes it a three-possession defecit for the Browns. Worthless. All the FG served to do was make the final score look a little better. Crennel offered that, "I wanted to put some points on the board ... there were 10 minutes left, and if you don't make it, then where do you go?"

You wanted to put some points on the board? What for? This isn't fucking college where people vote on who the best teams are and 28-10 looks better than 28-7, and we're not playing for goal differential here. This is professional football and if you're not going to try to win the game then you've failed. If the Browns don't get the 4th-and-3, Crennel asks: Where do you go? You lose, of course, just like you did anyway. But at least by going for it you tried to win.

This is inexcusable.

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