Monday, August 4

Abbreviated Twin Series Review

I've put this off, and now I'm going to shortchange you on this review. Enjoy.

Sowers pitched perfectly again for five innings - too bad games last for nine. Oh, and the offense provided one run on seven hits, while the Twins managed four runs from six hits. Tribe lose 1-4.

Byrd wins again? When did this guy regain his form? Oh that's right, after the Indians closed the book on 2008. Thanks Cobra. Dellucci had a big night, which pains me to type, and Shoppach continued to crush the ball. Tribe wins 5-1.

Ginter: not so great. Tribe offense baffled by the return of Liriano. Only two runs off of two extra base hits. Tribe lose 2-6.

Shoppach has continued to lead this team offensively as of late. Dellucci had that one game. Francisco had a solo home run in the final game of the series. Not inspiring work by either the Indians or this writer.

Next up (as in tonight, soon) the Indians take on the former Devil Rays (now just the Rays) in Tampa.

Game 1: Cliff Lee, LHP (14-2, 2.58) vs. Matt Garza, RHP (9-6, 3.56)
Game 2: Fausto Carmona, RHP (5-3, 4.19) vs. Edwin Jackson, RHP (7-7, 4.20)
Game 3: Jeremy Sowers, LHP (1-6, 5.82) vs. Scott Kazmir, LHP (8-5, 2.89)

Hey, Thursday's a day off for the Tribe, so expect a full-bodied series review. Can Cliff Lee bounce back and become the AL's first 15 game winner? Can Carmona continue his comeback? And can Sowers stop trying to throw five perfect innings and just toss seven good enough innings? We'll find out as the Indians continue their dome road trip (next up: sometimes domed Toronto) at the Trop.

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Andy said...

As of yesterday, Shoppach's OPS+ was up to an absured 126+. Now that's production.

Another Indians blogger pointed out that the Tribe outhit the Twins 7-6 in each game of the series and the Twinkies out-errored the Indians 1-0 in each contest.