Tuesday, July 22

1 batter and I've already got 4 comments

1) Announcing a team as having the league's nth ranked defense based solely on the number of errors they have made is insanity. Pure, straight insanity.

2) Grady Sizemore is good. Extra good.

3) Rick Manning needs to stop saying "aggressive," immediately.

3) Matt Underwood doesn't understand probabilities. He just relayed to us viewers that this is only the fourth time that the Angels have had MLB's best record this late in the season. He's like, shocked, by this. The Angels have had an MLB team for 48 seasons now; given roughly 25 teams participating in the game over that time, you'd expect, on average, that they would have had approximately two such seasons. Underwood, for his part, is stunned that California has accomplished this feat a scant 4 times.


Nick said...

The very concept of the "error" becomes increasingly laughable the more time you spend thinking about it. It's ridiculous that baseball still records them, let alone places them next to "hits" and "runs" on the box score.

Matt Underwood is on a mission to single-handedly make my Cleveland Indians viewing experience no fun. He's becoming an annoyance of Saundersian levels.

Andy said...

It made sense back in the day when teams made like 10 errors in a game, but let's get serious.

I saw a Reds broadcast and they list LOB at the end of the line score, Small progress, but progress.