Friday, June 27


If you haven't heard your Cleveland Indians are mired in last place. Yes, the team I had hoped would win 99 games is in last place in the AL Central. At least we're currently tied with the KC Royals.

The Indians look nothing like the team from last season. You realize with a bullpen that has imploded, Victor on the DL, and Fausto still nursing a sore hip, this team has lost something. Not only have I personally closed the book on this season, but you have to start questioning the Tribe's future.

But we'll have all off-season to do that so let's just live in the now. OK, maybe not the now, but how about the near future.

The Tribe dropped two of three at home to the San Francisco Omar's. Unfortunately one of those losses was to 11-game loser Barry Zito. Either way the Tribe didn't do a heck of a lot. Now we could discuss such plans like actually playing Andy Marte or sitting Garko, but the Tribe management is going to do whatever they feel is right. Remember down the stretch last year how it seemed like everything Wedge did was right? Well, nothing the man does is either surprising or seemingly effective right now. That's not to say he hasn't tried or that he has a lot to work with. Anyway Lee pitched his 11th win yesterday, imagine where this team would be without him this year.

Anyway, the Reds are in town. After being swept in the 'Nati the other Ohio team graces the North Shore for a three-game set. The Reds come to town with one more loss than the Tribe but the same number of wins, if you don't know how many I don't want to tell you.

C.C. takes the hill today in what could be his last start in a Tribe uniform. Well, I could probably write that about every start from here to July 31 or until he actually gets traded. Supposedly the Tribe is going to make one more push to sign him even though he didn't want to talk mid-season. Now all the Tribe can do is wait if two 1st round picks are worth more than the prospects offered by the buyers.

Hey, there is a lot of Tribe baseball left to play.

Go Tribe!

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