Monday, June 30

Boy these series just fly by

We're not yet to the dog days of summer. Sure, the Indians aren't playing for much right now except my occasional enjoyment. The Browns' camp has started yet. The LeBron to the New Jersey Nets talk has started but I don't write about basketball. So we're left with what the Erie Warriors give us. Unfortunately that was another miserable series against the Reds.

Now a lot of Indians fans may not like the Reds. This isn't Chicago where the two team are separated by a mere eight miles; this is two cities barely in the same state at a distance of 281 miles. I've never really hated the Reds. Actually I've thought of them as my NL team really. I know what you're think. Until recently I looked at the hapless Reds and thought how cute it was that they kept trying so hard. In the days of the horribly stupid Jim Bowden (now guiding the always-hapless Nationals) I thought this team was doomed. As soon as they got a new owner I thought things would change. Well that hasn't happened completely yet, but the Reds certainly had our number this year.

So what do we have to show for the three-game series at home against the last place team in the NL Central? A 6-0 win courtesy of C.C. "I'm still pitching so my grandkids can enjoy their autumn years" Sabathia and Grady "How long will I need to carry this team" Sizemore. An 0-5 loss that obviously made up for the previous game's lopsidedness. And finally, a 5-9 beat-down that obviously wasn't Laffey's finest outing of the year.

So what's on the horizon for the Tribe? Well, Mastny got called up after a nice time in AAA. I suspect he'll see more time on the mound this time around now that any resemblance of a Circle of Trust does not exist. Oh and the Tribe are about to start a series in Swirling Garbage Field. If you've never been there I don't recommend it. This road trip has the Indians visiting the Pale Hoes, the Twinkies, and the Motor City Kitties. Now despite those names, all of these teams are playing better baseball than the Tribe right now. The feeling is that if this road trip is a disaster, and it very well could be, then the calls about a certain large left handed pitcher will be taken much more seriously.

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Andy said...

I attended the Fri and Sat games; JHH was actually the only FCF writer not at the game on Sat.

I heard Hamilton on the radio just after the game Saturday on my way out: "Folks, if you're having trouble sleeping at night, just put in a tape of tonight's game." Pretty much sums it up.