Friday, May 23

Sorry but you're going to have to wait.

As previously mentioned, I'm in Cleveland for the evening to see a Tribe game live - imagine that. Unfortunately that, combined with the fact that I couldn't plan ahead, means there probably won't be a Tribe recap until the end of the Rangers series.

Sure, I could have written the White Sox recap before the first pitch. It would have gone something like this: The starter did a good job and the Tribe might have even been up 1-0 for a while, but then the other team scored 2 or 3 runs and the game was essentially over. One tidbit is that Ben Francisco scored again yesterday making the last three runs scored over the last two games two by Francisco and one by Aubrey.

One final thing is I'm writing this on Andy's Apple, with its colorful gui and Andy's left-handed mouse, so you can only imagine the testicular fortitude that it's taking me to not go all feminine surrounded by all this white. Call me old fashioned, but back in my day computers were black and baseball players were on steroids and the Indians won games on hitting.

Go Tribe!

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