Thursday, May 15

Off base

In the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated, there is a poll taken of 495 current Major League Baseball players that asks: Which team has the best starting pitching in baseball? The results:

Boston Red Socks 25%
Arizona Diamondbacks 19%
Detroit Tigers 17%
Seattle Mariners 8%
New York Mets 7%

That's it. (16 teams received votes, but these are the top 5). Can you think of a starting staff that maybe should have been included, one that recently ran off 44 straight scoreless innings? (And no, I don't mean the Oakland Athletics, who had baseball's best starters' ERA when the poll was conducted).


Nick said...

I guess the reason that many former ball players don't make very good analysts is that current ball players aren't very good analysts. So, mystery solved.

JHH said...

Just think of all those future Joe Morgans they interviewed. Are most baseball players that dumb? I guess this answers that question.