Tuesday, May 20

New lows in offensive baseball-playing

For some weeks now, the Tribe has been excelling at, when they have runners on base, managing to keep those runners on the bases they're occupying whle increasing their out total. For example, they could begin with this situation:

Runner on 2nd, 0 out

and produce this situation:

Runner on 2nd, 1 out

But tonight, they've stepped up their game! They just went from:

Runner on 2nd, 0 out


Runner on 1st, 1 out

Yep, now we're going backwards on the basepaths while we make outs! This is exciting baseball. Following that, the Tribe found themselves unable to record out #2 while having their man on first go backwards one base and then stand on home plate while the next hitter tries to bat. Someday. For now they've settled for transforming that previous scenario into:

Runner on 1st, 2 out

And now, even with Chicago spotting the Tribe an extra baserunner just for fun via an error, Cleveland has recorded the familiar:

No runners on, no runs, 3 outs ljdsvlnvksdjnvkbsdgvjy2g3or78t23BASEBALLlekghewwfeouwfgewiyfgewifubegwifugeifugewifugweikbgu

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