Tuesday, May 27

I approved of that inning

The first inning, Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago White Sox, May 27, 2008, that is.

I approved of Aaron Laffey, not allowing a run to the opposition as usual.

I approved of Jamey Carroll somehow hitting a pitched baseball off of the outfield wall.

I approved of White Sock starter Mark Buehrle throwing a wild pitch and allowing Ben Francisco to hit a sac fly to give the Indians their normal game's complement of runs, i.e. one.

I really approved of the Tribe's two-out plate discipline, with Victor Martinez and Ryan Garko allowing Buehrle to throw the ball wherever the hell he wanted to and subsequently strolling down to 1st base.

I approved of Jhonny Peralta stroking a single to left as White Sock outfielder Carlos Quentin lied and pretended like he caught it. Nice try, buddy.

I super-extra approved of Franklin Gutierrez squashing a Grand Slam (see above photo) right above the Ben Francisco Home Run Rail in left field for the first 5-0 Tribe lead since the (Trot) Nixon administration.

I approved of hearing the fireworks from said home run out of my window, not just on TV.

Finally, I approved of the conversation I had in the elevator following the inning. A group of four people my age (two from each gender) were on board, and it went a bit like this:
Better-looking of the girls: Hi, how are you!
Me: Pretty good, and you?
Girl: Great, thanks!
Me: [Notices their Indians gear] You guys going to the game?
All: Yep.
Me: You just missed a Grand Slam.
Girl: [Shocked]
Suddenly concerned dude checking his BlackBerry: By who?
Me: Guttierez. 5-0 Tribe. The best part of the game is over - you guys may as well go to the bar instead.
Guy: [Thinks carefully about it] If it had been the White Socks, you'd have something there.
Me: Go Tribe!

FYI, I didn't especially care for the top of the 3rd.

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