Sunday, May 4

Damn It Tribe!

Look this lack of offense thing - it's killing me, it's killing us.

Victor still without a HR. No runs today on four singles. No walks? No walks!

Betancourt, I appreciate how you came in to today's game to face one batter only to give up a homerun, nice.

What is hitting coach Derek Shelton doing? Either looking for a nice retirement place soon or pulling his hair out, maybe both.

Well, Laffey pitched well today. I didn't even listen to it but I'm sure Wedge's post-game interview went well.

Really that's all I have. Maybe with the off day tomorrow I'll muster something up for the Yankee series coming up.

Hey what have those Cavs been up to?

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Nick said...

At least solid performances from Laffey and Sowers during the last week make me feel a little better about next year's rotation, assuming that C-Bath and Byrd are gone.